Brandy & Monica Verzuz Battle Dull, Tired And Disappointing

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R&B singer Brandy poses with singer, Monica for their verzuz battle

The anticipation level was high last night as more than 1 million fans logged on to Instagram to watch singers Brandy and Monica reunite for an iconic Verzuz battle.

And while initially the Instagram moment gathered amazing responses from the online crowd, it quickly became evident that people were growing bored watching the two 90s R&B queens sit and pontificate about some of their hit songs.

The battle, which aired Monday night, was broadcast live from Atlanta, GA. Monica, who is an Atlanta native, welcomed Brandy to the South. Brandy quickly reminded her colleague, whom she had not seen in eight years, that she was from the ‘Sip, as in Mississippi.

Verzuz battles aren’t concerts per se, but given the high level of anticipation fans were feeling, there was a serious expectation that the pair would break into live songs. They are, after all, amazing live vocalists.

Instead, the reunion appeared a bit awkward. Even though the ladies embraced in the beginning, the energy was weird.

Singers Brandy and Monica sit on the set of their verzuz battle.
A world apart. Singers Brandy and Monica sit on the set of their verzuz battle.

Rumours of a longstanding feud between the two women have plagued Brandy and Monica since they were teens singing on the Grammy-winning hit, The Boy Is Mine.

Last night’s reunion did very little, in my estimation, to quell those rumours. The singers just looked awkward.

Twitter Users Weigh In On The Battle

But, beyond that, the battle was just incredibly dull, tired and disappointing.

We expected Fourth of July fireworks and got street firecrackers instead.

There was no chemistry between the two. They seemed like they were going through the motions and the magic that we had been hoping for, seemed to be gone.

Even Rapper Snoop Dogg Expected More

During the earlier part of the live show, when it became apparent that the women would not be singing live, rapper Snoop Dogg urged the ladies to pick up the microphone and sing.

Screenshot of rappers DMZ and Snoop Dogg during their verzuz battle weeks earlier.
Screenshot of rappers DMZ and Snoop Dogg during their verzuz battle weeks earlier.

I responded, “Thank you, Snoop! Same thing I said. I wanna hear LIVE MUSIC. When u and DMX rocked the house it was live music.”

Many people left the show because they said they were expecting to see the women sing.

I watched the verzuz battle between DMX and Snoop Dogg and it was so much fun to watch. They both stood up and worked the virtual crowd. There was so much energy between those guys that it renewed my interest in their music.

I will always be a Brandy and Monica fan, but this just wasn’t it.


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10 Replies to “Brandy & Monica Verzuz Battle Dull, Tired And Disappointing”

  1. I share the same sentiments. This was much anticipated and a let down. Like you said it’s not a concert but belting out some of our favorite tunes wouldn’t have hurt. Despite the views this was my least fav verzuz yet and for 3 hrs? Yawn!

    1. I absolutely agree. I tuned out way before the three-hour mark. Almost everyone I know who watched it thought it was a major letdown. I was so excited. I eventually ended up watching Soul Plane.

    2. Hi Daphne. I totally agree. It was a snoozefest. It pulled big numbers, but I think that’s because people wanted to see a train wreck. Others were really optimistic that the ladies would start singing live. I think I’m done with Verzuz. Unless they have Tupac and Biggie as the next act, it’s a wrap for me.

  2. I actually enjoyed it. I think the first one i watched was the Kirk Franklin Fred Hammond battle. So coming from that i knew what to expect; a little banter, some background info on the songs and the recorded versions of the songs playing.

    Now i will admit it would have been nice to see them do 1 or 2 of them live but i can’t say i was disappointed.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for commenting. My husband didn’t watch this episode, but he said almost the same thing . . . that that’s how verzuz goes. BUT, given the hype surrounding THESE TWO LADIES…I expected way more. It was beyond boring to me. Thanks for reading, though. Take care.

  3. After Beenie & Bounty people are looking to be reminded and entertained. I love the music but after watching last night I don’t like Monica her vibe was wayyyy off and she was shady as shit! That sideline ho comment was shaaaaady pretty sure Brandy caught it. Then when she said Brandy owned the boy is mine and would not sing I was annoyed as eff!’ Bad attitude. Boring show. I will listen to her old music her new music sucks though I love her voice. Brandy’s new song Borderline is a banger. She needs to make consistently good music though. Both had a good start but later music is garbage. As for the looks. Brandy was serving bag lady chic and Monica came as Lord Forquad !

    1. Thanks, Nadine. I was so disappointed last night. No lie. I, too, think Monica was being very very shady. If you don’t like each other, why agree to do this. I mean, they don’t need each other. They both have had successful careers. At this stage in the game, I am not spending time with anyone who doesn’t vibe with me or vice versa. The show was very boring, I agree. I think Brandy has an amazing range and I applaud her for at least appearing professional. But, consistency seems to be a problem for both ladies. I hate to bring Beyonce into this. But, I must say, she is incredibly consistent. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I didn’t watch it because I’m not a super fan of these ladies and I already know what to expect from a Verzuz event so I totally get where you’re coming from. I watched Jill Scott V Erykah Badu because their music speaks to me and I could deal with them talking back and forth in between songs. Monica and Brandy, bless their hearts, didn’t pull that sisterly bond expectation off the way they could have nad that’s a shame. Maybe if things weren’t as awkward as you describe, it would have made for a better event.

    1. Hey there. I think you’re on to something. Perhaps if there were a more sisterly bond it would have been much more fun to watch. It would have been great to hear them talk about what it was like filming the video for The Boy Is Mine or something that made the connection feel real. It was painful to watch due to the awkwardness between them.

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