DC’s Studio Chique Is Perfect For Naturals

By Rogan Smith |
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Interior photo of Studio Chique's salon. Photo shows hooded dryers.

If you’re looking for a salon in Washington, DC that caters to black women with natural hair, look no further than Studio Chique.

The salon/spa, which is located in the northwest, is a hidden gem in the district.

Up until this past weekend, I had not sat in a stylist’s chair for six months. This was before COVID-19 made its unwelcome debut. January was technically the last time I had a treatment or a trim. Considering that I have 4c hair with highlights, that’s a big no-no.

I waited with bated breath for the salons to reopen and once they did I immediately tried to get in to my regular salon. Unfortunately, it didn’t reopen when others did. So, I was stuck calling around trying to get an appointment.

Many salons weren’t open and others were at capacity trying to fit in their regular customers. Some were downright unprofessional over the phone or just too expensive. One salon tried to charge me $85 just to trim my hair. Not on this planet.

I spent several days calling different salons in DC, Virginia and Maryland to no avail. Then, I came across some online reviews for Studio Chique. Many of the reviews were mixed, but after researching for hours, I felt confident enough to try and get an appointment. I’m so glad I did.

I called the salon and the receptionist who answered was very pleasant and professional. I nearly jumped out of my chair when she said that they had several openings. So, I booked an appointment for a treatment, trim and wash n’ go style. The cost $100. That’s more like it!

Immediately after I hung up, Studio Chique sent me an email to confirm my appointment and it also attached a health questionnaire – quite normal in these post-COVID-19 days.

I was advised to bring a mask, even though they had masks at the studio.

One of the spa rooms at Studio Chique (Photo/Studio Chique Facebook)
One of the spa rooms at Studio Chique (Photo/Studio Chique Facebook)

The Salon Really Is Chic

I arrived at the salon 10 minutes ahead of my appointment and the receptionist walked me upstairs to the salon. It really is quite chic. The salon was immaculate and stylish. I spotted a ring light in the corner, as well as a mounted Essence article that named the salon one of the best in DC.

My stylist, Clara, introduced herself and immediately got to work. We discussed the services I wanted to have done and she suggested I forego the wash n’ go style because she needed to blow out my hair in order to trim it. I agreed.

One of the things that really impressed me is that she asked the receptionist to recalculate my bill so that there were no surprises. I really appreciated that. Some salons are not forthcoming about costs and that often leads to sticker shock in the end.

My total cost with the blowout came to – are you ready for this – $70. I swear, the day kept getting better.

Clara was very professional and caring towards my hair. She gave me some great tips to keep my hair healthy, reminding me of the importance of moisturising my hair. I struggle with that a lot. I hate having a lot of products in my hair. Besides the products make my skin break out.

Clara trimmed about two inches of split ends off my hair. Nearly all of my colour is gone, which I have no issue with. I think I am going to hold off on colouring my hair for a while. At least until I get a moisturising routine down.

At the last minute I asked Clara to give me two dutch braids and she obliged. I found the entire salon to be incredibly accommodating, professional, clean and inviting.

What I love about the salon is that it really does have a spa atmosphere and there are separate rooms for various services.

One of the massage rooms at Studio Chique (Photo/Studio Chique Facebook)
One of the massage rooms at Studio Chique (Photo/Studio Chique Facebook)

They took every precaution to make sure to keep clients safe. There was hand sanitiser at the front desk and I witnessed the ladies cleaning regularly. Everyone wore face masks while I was there.

I was the first appointment of the day and did not bump into anyone else due to the scheduling.

Studio Chique caters to naturalistas, those with relaxed tresses and those ladies who want the latest weave/wig.

I give this salon two big thumbs up.

To learn more about the salon, visit its website.

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