Evelyn Lozada Needs To Be Fired

By Rogan Smith |
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Evelyn Lozada

I’m just going to go ahead and say this. Evelyn Lozada needs to be fired. Ready for this? Shaunie O’Neal, too.

This week’s episode of Basketball Wives descended to the basement after Evelyn used a racial slur to describe Cece Gutierrez.

Cece Gutierrez
Cece Gutierrez goes back and forth with Evelyn Lozada.

The two women have been locking horns for several episodes after Evelyn and her best friend, Jennifer Williams spread a rumor that CeCe, a licensed nurse, gave “happy endings” at her medical spa. It was a disgusting rumor for someone to repeat, especially if they didn’t have proof of it.

This week’s episode has the ladies joining the show’s star and producer, Shaunie as she embarks on a cannabis exploratory mission in Amsterdam. Shaunie is hoping to get into the business.

While at dinner, because it always goes down at the dinner table, Evelyn confronts CeCe, asking her why she hasn’t spoken to Shaunie since she came to Amsterdam. Shaunie apparently paid for the trip. No, boo. VH1 paid for the trip. Not one penny came out of Shaunie’s pockets. Anyhoo, CeCe, clearly threatened by Evelyn, claims that she did say hello to Shaunie. Shaunie says she didn’t. Evelyn then asks CeCe if she had called her and Jennifer Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. It all goes to hell from there.

I find it hard to believe that Evelyn, who has been called a homewrecker and several other unsavory things, would be that offended by being called Tweedledum. She then grows even more incensed and refers to her Asian castmate as “Li Li.” CeCe, perplexed by the reference asks what “Li Li” means. Malaysia Pargo, who is the worst English speaker for a native English speaker, then chimes in and says, “the nail shop girl.”

I lost it. I was disgusted not only by Evelyn, but by Shaunie and the other girls. Shaunie is Evelyn’s friend and the show’s producer. In her confessional, Shaunie gives a weak reprimand to Evelyn’s choice words. But, as she sat there at the dinner table, she didn’t say a word. In fact, none of the women did.

Shaunie O'Neal
Shaunie O’Neal thinks it’s funny to laugh at Evelyn Lozada’s racial remark.

Think about how that would have ended had CeCe called Evelyn, Consuela and someone chimed in to say that “Consuela” was the maid. Evelyn would have been quick to throw those elbows.

I have zero respect for all of the people around that table. They all sat there and said nothing.

CeCe was clearly hurt, as she should have been. Back in the bus as they were all leaving, some of the ladies tried to comfort CeCe. For what? One should never sit quietly as someone is being ripped to shreds publicly then console them in private.

Evelyn was completely out of line, as was Shaunie. Shame on all of them.

As much as I enjoy Basketball Wives, I hope Evelyn gets fired for her comment. That was completely unacceptable.

I thought Evelyn had changed her ways after having Iyanla Vanzant fix her life. My God! She had a show on the OWN Network and everything. You made a complete fool of yourself, Evelyn. Nothing about that was funny.

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7 Replies to “Evelyn Lozada Needs To Be Fired”

  1. From they made the “happy ending” reference we should’ve know it was racial. Those “happy endings” are running jokes in most Asian parlours.

  2. 100% agreed. Evelyn should go. I lost a lot of the admiration I had for Shaunie after that episode. Something shifted for me and I’m bummed cause I love the show.

    1. Nica, thanks for stopping by. Shaunie is one to be watched. I never trusted her. She tries to come off like the innocent friend who is above all things petty, but she is just as angry, bitter and mean as the rest of the ladies. I am so glad that Tammy finally sees Shaunie for who she is.

    1. When had Evelyn ever identified as black? She is not. Both of her parents are non-blacks. She is a racist. If a black person had called her a spic, they would have been fired and destroyed on social media. If you’re a fan of hers, that’s fine. But call a spade a spade.

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