The Real OG Of Basketball Wives

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Basketball Wives

Y’all ain’t ready for OG and her witty comebacks.

We were introduced to the newest cast member of Basketball Wives, Ogom “OG” Chijindu earlier this season courtesy of the trapsy queen, Jackie Christie. OG was doing her thing on the football field. She’s in the Legends of Football League (LFL). I wasn’t feeling her tragic wig, but she sure was funny as hell, and very well-spoken.

The Real OG of Basketball Wives
The real OG. Ogom “OG” Chijindu.

This season, she has already bumped heads with Malaysia Pargo. Now, she’s getting into verbal fisticuffs with the gorgeous Kristen Scott.

Kristen Scott
The newest Basketball Wives cast member, Kristen Scott.

Kristen is upset that OG didn’t acknowledge her during a wig party. (Side note: OG is my girl, but I want to thank Malaysia for tricking her into getting a new wig. That hair was tore up). Anyhoo, OG is busy explaining to CeeCee why she doesn’t mess with Kristen. Kristen, clearly irate at being ignored by OG, overhears her and seeks to set the record straight with CeCe Gutierrez. Now, having the attention of the ladies, Kristen explains that she didn’t appreciate OG referencing her husband and child during an earlier argument. OG politely and promptly corrects Kristen, stressing that it was she who brought her family up.

Kristen denies it. So, the shady producers roll the tapes. Viewers get a quick flashback to Kristen bragging to OG that she has a husband who is at home with her baby. We flash back to modern day.

OG wins that round.

Kristen, clearly embarrassed, defaults to profanity and pours herself a drink. OG keeps it cool, accusing her nemesis of “trying to make a moment out of nothing” and stresses that’s why she’s making a drink. Kristen quickly fires back, “I’m making a drink because I’m thirsty.”

She straight set herself up. I felt it. The troops overseas felt it.

OG fires back, “You are thirsty. For attention.”

The camera cuts to Tami Roman whose mouth drops open. Now, y’all know that $#@t got real when TAMI ROMAN is taken aback!

Come on, Kristen. When fighting an OG like OG, you’ve got to think two days ahead.

OG for the win.

Evelyn just knows she’s funny

I’m happy that Evelyn Lozada is back. She was always good for a few good laughs, plus her fashion sense is bomb.

During the wig party, CeCe confronts a few of the ladies again about starting a rumor that she performs “happy endings” at her medical spa. A claim she has vehemently denied. Evelyn and Jennifer Williams, who returned this season, become irritated that CeCe is once again accusing them of starting the rumors. Evelyn and Jennifer are honorable women. They don’t start rumors. They spread them. Big difference.

Cece Gutierrez
Meet Cece “Funky Two-Step” Gutierrez.

CeCe demands to know who made the story up and before exiting stage left proclaims, “I’m not doing the funky two-step.” Jackie and Evelyn burst out laughing at her choice of words. (Side note, CeCe is dating Byron Scott, a former head coach for the LA Lakers, who happens to be much older than her.)

In her confessional, Evelyn questions the origin of the funky two-step.

Evelyn Lozada displays the Funky Two-Step
The spicy Evelyn Lozada reenacting how it all went down.

“Where did you get this from? I know Byron’s a little older, like, maybe he says that around the house. Like, ‘CeCe, I’m not gonna take this funky two-step with you. I’m not doing that $#@t with you, the funky two-step.”

Witnessing Evelyn do the reenactment of this supposed exchange between CeCe and Byron had me rolling for days.

That episode was juicy. Thanks, OG and Evelyn.

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