Yeah Lyrica, You Lied!

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast

Words may lie, but actions always tell the truth.

Lyrica’s actions spoke volumes in tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. When confronted by her husband, A1 about persistent rumors that she tried to sleep with Safaree, she completely acted a fool, throwing tantrums and cursing her husband. She even stormed out of the restaurant and had to be persuaded by producers to return.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson.

Look, any innocent woman whose husband confronts her about cheating is going to do whatever it takes to convince him that she didn’t, and it won’t involve throwing tantrums and walking out. She did everything except make a real effort to convince A1 that she didn’t fool around.

Just to rehash, this rumor first surfaced in last week’s episode during an argument between A1 an K. Michelle. At the time, A1 naturally defended his wife. But, clearly what K. said had an impact on him. So, tonight during a venting session with Marcus, A1 learned that Marcus had heard the same rumors from his girlfriend, Brooke Valentine.

Brooke claimed that Lyrica and Safaree had been very flirtatious with each other during an interview. That didn’t go over well with A1 who was visibly upset.

If Safaree did in fact sleep with Lyrica, he is beyond wrong for that. A1 is supposed to be his friend. Based on next week’s sneak peek, we learn from Lyrica’s mum that Safaree did in fact send Lyrica inappropriate texts and pictures.

Tune in next Monday at 8pm EST for more Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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