What Love & Hip Hop Taught Me About Sex & Gender Reassignment Surgery

By Rogan Smith |
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Sydney Starr

Warning: This article is graphic and not suitable for children. 

I never thought I would get an education from the Love & Hip Hop franchise, but that’s exactly what I got Monday night.

My favorite star this season on Love & Hip Hop: New York is the oh-so-funny Sydney Starr. 

Not only is Starr trying to break into the hip hop industry, she’s doing so as a transgender woman. 

Tonight, we learned that Starr, who has been on hormones for years, is looking to fully transition and is exploring the possibility of gender reassignment surgery.

The Consultation

She takes viewers with her into the doctor’s office for her consultation. 

I have to say, I thought it was quite respectful of her doctor to ask her which pronouns she prefers. Starr, ever the character, replies: her, she or that bitch. The doctor totally ignores the latter. 

But, during their conversation, Starr tells her doctor that she wants to retain the ability to have an orgasm after her surgery. The doctor explains that during the procedure he will create a clitoris from the sensitive part of the penis. 

Starr then tells him that she wants to have the capacity to have sex with a well-endowed man . . . up to 10” or 12”. The doctor explains that it would be safer for her to be with someone with a 6” penis. 

Ok, so this is where I nearly passed out. He explained that during the surgery, there is a risk of puncturing the rectum. That would then create a hole and that would allow feces to pass through the hole and come out of the vagina. Jesus wept. 

I wasn’t ready for that. I immediately got a visual and it wasn’t pretty. 

In addition to the risks, Starr also learns that the surgery could cost between $30,000 to $40,000. Money that she does not have. Damn.

Considering the risks and the costs associated with this surgery, Starr has a whole lot of thinking to do. 

This is precisely why I say that anyone who is thinking of transitioning must really want to do it. This is not something anyone would wake up and decide to do on a whim.

I actually felt badly for Starr. She is one of the sweetest people on the show this season and I know she wants to feel complete. I just hope she weighs the pros and cons.

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