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The non-wives of Basketball Wives returned in grand style Wednesday for their eighth season on VH1 and boy was it an episode. Wait, I take that back – two of them are actual wives.

Ok, so, who’s back: resident sh*t starter, Shaunie O’Neal, of course, “Linebacker Laquisha”, aka Malyasia Pargo (don’t hate me, Jennifer came up with that name), Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, CeCe Gutierrez, Kristen Scott and Ogom “OG” Chijindu.

We immediately learn that Shaunie’s son, Shareef needs to have open heart surgery, Tami got married to long-time boyfriend, Reggie, CeCe is finally engaged to her boyfriend, Byron Scott and Evelyn is having joint problems. Hey, it’s only so long a girl can jump on tables, throw bottles and fight everything moving without experience joint pains. You’re eight seasons in, Ev. Those joints will hurt. 

Oops, there she goes.
And another one.

I was surprised to see Jennifer on last night’s episode. After her showdown with Malaysia in Amsterdam last season where she got a chair and a table thrown in her direction, I thought she’d sit this season out. But, as the resident villain this season, she was necessary.

Kristen is seen in one scene talking with Jennifer about what transpired in Amsterdam. During the conversation, Jennifer expresses her confusion that Shaunie was mad at her last season over a rumor that her ex, retired NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal slept with Evelyn.

Both Evelyn and Shaquille denied it. But, Jennifer says it should not have come as a surprise because Shaquille was known for having extramarital affairs.

Kristen, ever the messy boots that she is, shows up to Shaunie’s benefit event and tells her what Jennifer said. This idiot (Kristen) then tells Shaunie that she invited Jennifer to the benefit. Whyyyyyy? This girl could give an intensive course on being messy. 

Tami, not willing to get involved in the drama, makes a quick appearance at the benefit then bounced. I see why now. Tami is not about that life this season. 

Kristen is in major denial. Not only is she a crappy friend, but she is also a crappy family member. For some reason, unbeknownst to mankind, she is angry at CeCe because she feels she is driving a wedge between her father-in-law, Byron, who is also CeCe’s husband-to-be.

CeCe reveals that Byron wants his son – Kristen’s husband – to be his best man in the wedding. However, he does not want Kristen to attend the wedding. Who could blame him?

Earlier in the episode, we hear Byron himself say that he wants nothing to do with Kristen, and that was without any prompting from CeCe. 

CeCe then tells her hubby-to-be that Kristen will blame her and she was absolutely right. I can’t wait for Kristen to see this stuff for herself. It’s obvious that she can’t take being hated by her father-in-law so she lashes out at CeCe.

Anyway, the episode ends with Jennifer and a friend walking into the event and a very pissed off Shaunie leaving her own party, but not before cussing the hell out of Jennifer. 

Ooh, the drama. Can’t wait for next week.

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