K. Michelle Loses Butt, Acts An A**

By Rogan Smith |
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K. Michelle

I thought K. Michelle’s butt reduction would have reduced her ego. Sadly, it hasn’t.

The petty R&B diva debuted to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood audiences last night and it didn’t take long for her to start acting like a child.

Fresh off of her butt reduction surgery (she still has more surgeries to go) she was already getting into trouble and being messy – her favorite pastime.

Within minutes of being introduced to Kimberly, as she prefers to be called these days, she pops off on singer/songwriter Lyrica for being an hour late to a performance. Nothing wrong with that. After all, K Michelle has expectations that the people around her will be on time. Especially for a performance. But, this is where things go left. K, while arguing with Lyrica, accused her of faking her marriage to producer, A1. Totally disrespectful. Totally out of line.

I don’t know if that’s just how the show’s producers edited that content, but it sure came out of left field and was incredibly messy. Of course, Lyrica denies the assertion and things get very heated.

I honestly feel like K. is simply threatened by Lyrica’s success. She had a single that charted – a huge feat for an independent artist. Meantime, K., who is signed to a major label, barely made an impact. It may seem silly, but K. Michelle seems like a highly insecure woman who feels the need to tear others down.

The crazy part is, I think she is super talented and funny. But, I don’t like the pettiness.

A1, who later confronted K., naturally defended his wife and said he, too, believes K. is simply jealous of Lyrica. He’s right. He went a step further and claimed that the songstress has been blackballed by the industry due to her poor attitude. I believe it.

Tune in next Monday on VH1 for the continuation.

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