Jennifer Williams Bad Breath Shamed Again

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Zell Swag

Ok. This confirms it.

On Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives, we learned yet again that Jennifer Williams has bad breath.

I have been watching Basketball Wives since day one and I distinctly remember Evelyn Lozada popping off about Jen’s toxic breath. That was several seasons ago. Now, here we are in 2018 and this issue has surfaced once again.

This time, we learn via Malaysia Pargo that Jen has “a big dragon breath.”

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams

Zell Swag, Malaysia’s messy stylist brought it up on Monday’s show. Even though he’s trapsy, I do love Zell because he gives it to you straight, no chaser.

Jen, you can’t be bad and boujee with bad breath, girl! People expect you to smell as good as you look.

I’ve said before that you can tell whether someone has bad breath just by looking at their mouths. And Jen does have that look. I was so embarrassed for her.

Basketball Wives – Monday’s episode

That Was Mature

The entire episode was actually very good. I was happy to see Kristen Scott woman up and assist OG during her time of bereavement. OJ’s brother died suddenly from pneumonia and she was taking it hard. Kristen and OG have been at odds for a few episodes, so it was nice to watch her show her mature side and help a sista while she’s down.

I really enjoyed the dinner scene where OG and her Nigerian family sang a prayer at the dinner table. I loved when she said in Nigerian culture, the community doesn’t allow people to mourn alone. That was poignant.

Jackie Christie is looking happier these days. This is good for the planet. We got to see her flex her acting chops on the stage. I’m glad she’s channeling her energy into more positive things. By the way, I never thought I’d see the day when Evelyn would be sitting front row to watch Jackie perform. It was nice of her to show a more mature side and support Jackie despite their past.

During the episode, we also got to witness Tami Roman expressing regrets over her comments that Evelyn lied about being beaten by her former partner, Chad Ochocinco. We all say things in anger, but some things really ought to never be said. Especially when it comes from a woman who claims that she was a victim of multiple domestic violence incidents.

I can’t wait for next Monday’s episode.

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One Reply to “Jennifer Williams Bad Breath Shamed Again”

  1. I’m sure I addressed Jackie wit her old ass speaking of kids and telling lies. Don’t get mad cause your kids called you out. Both your girls did and your oldest needs you. And Doug, if he was a real man, he would raise hell with you for not being there for ur first born. Y’all living it up n don’t even know ur grandkids birth date. What kind of grandparents are y’all?

    I feel less about Doug n where her dad u laid wit him he was prob dark so WTF was u expecting a bright skinned child she’s urs if she was blue black she’s ur first born I’ve always known that first born is ur world usually the middle child feels left out but u made sure u picked a lgt skinned man this time didn’t u and not only u Doug laughs at everything u say r so it’s like ur a joke to him who at ur age says u sucked his wacker that’s the word Id rather use r penis but I’m sure ur like me touching 60 n this ain’t ur first rodeo Mrs.Christy telling lies to the girls they wasn’t laughing wit u they was laughing at u and looking at each other like is this old ass Bitch frfr hell no stop ur looking stupid rem u for grown kids I’m sure they don’t want their mom announcing on TV she not only sucked one but rinsed ur mouth Out wit shit u use around the house to clean thgs wit ur not that crazy n The girls are simple minded it they believe u nvr sucked one I’m sure several of ur ex’s will say ur lying if they was n ur face hopefully u wasn’t like Pheadra Parks the head Dr hopefully I’m not being mean don’t mean to B just just goin over some thgs I may have missed CC sense l seem like a lovely lady don’t get caught up n these women’s bull and ladies idc who’s ur BFF they come n go but nvr do u put shit out because u are mad at them don’t do mad day Shaunie ,Pargo and’ Kristen u also keep what ur BFF say to ur self u don’t tear ppl dwn on mad day cuss them or whip asses n ask questions later but don’t do mad day ESP when u knw ur wrong n it may F… up a family r someone may not b able to cope n then there’s may be someone that feels bullied n them what a life gone Thk PPL. Love love love me some BBW but ladies stop getting n places r in public period is embarrassing they always Thk were black ppl are ignorant Ms.Pargo stop tryin to b tuff concentrate on ur kids stop tryin to get Kristen n CCs business care of ur kids n be a great example as a mother so sorry about ur bro I knw it s been a while but wanted to say that to u I lost 2 of my brother’s one n 86 and my oldest brother n 2017 God Bless u all I’m out fr.

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