Tami Hits Above The Neck And Below The Belt

By Rogan Smith |
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Tami Roman

Hold up! Did Tami Roman just accuse Evelyn Lozada of lying about her domestic violence incident?

Did Tami Roman just take it a step further and blame Evelyn Lozada for ruining Chad Ochocinco’s career?!

I can shrug off a lot of things, but domestic violence ain’t one of them. I say this as someone who witnessed a great deal of violence growing up.

The universe knows that Tami hates Evelyn, especially after it was revealed many seasons ago that Ms. Lozada slept with her husband. The two have a deep-rooted hatred that has spanned seven television seasons. I understand the bitterness. Tami is still hurt. But, to accuse a victim of lying about being beaten in a relationship is not only below the belt, it’s above the neck.

Even if Tami thought that for a second, she really should have kept that to herself.

I hate that women, in particular, are so quick to dismiss other women when they say they have been physically hurt during their relationships. It’s attitudes like that, that make women think twice about coming forward about their abuse.

For the record, Chad ruined his own career. Not Evelyn.

Tami is a straight hater. She says she is working on herself. She has a very long way to go.

She comes across as a very insecure woman who secretly admires Evelyn, yet resents the fact that she was able to reconcile with Jennifer Williams, her longtime friend.

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada, domestic violence victim.

I hope Tami nor her beautiful daughters are ever the victims of domestic violence. They would see just how cruel the world is.

The Lying King

Jennifer Williams really never should have come back to Basketball Wives. At least not in her old form.

I thought time apart from the show would have done her some good. That she would have matured and returned more enlightened. But, nope! She returned, even more trapsy than before.

I don’t know where she learned to be a friend, but she really ought to demand a refund. Under no circumstances should you betray a friend’s confidence. The reason we enter into friendships is so that we can have someone to rely on, someone who we feel we can trust and they won’t betray us. All of that doesn’t go out the window just because you are mad at each other.

I have stopped speaking to many people, but I never betray their confidence. Ever. I’m a Virgo to the core. I’m loyal to a fault.

But, Jennifer had no problem running her mouth. Sad. If I were Evelyn, I would sever ties immediately. If she chooses to stay in that friendship, she will forever be navigating a land mine.

For the record, what goes around comes around.

Evelyn and Jennifer had no problem spreading sexually explicit rumors about Cece Gutierrez. But, they sure had a problem when they were on the receiving end of nasty rumors.

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