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This Bahamian Gyal blogger and Creative Director, Rogan Smith is back at it.

The lifestyle blogger co-hosted the popular TV show, Happy Foods 242 with host Sasha Laurel recently as the show went on the road to profile one of Nassau’s hottest restaurants.

This was Smith’s second time co-hosting the show. She made her debut on the half hour show during its second season when it profiled several restaurants in the British Colonial Hilton.

Happy Foods 242 is an award-winning cooking show that caters to foodies and those looking for advice on the best restaurants in town.

“Sasha reached out to me to ask me to guest host with her. I’m always excited when she calls. She has such a dynamic personality and her entire production team is always so much fun to be around, so I immediately said yes,” Smith said.

“This is a show that has legs. It has been around for more than 10 seasons and just continues to surpass expectations. We had so much fun learning about the restaurant, trying new foods and of course, having great conversations. I’m excited for everyone to see the episode.”

Meantime, Sasha Laurel, who won an Elevation award for her show, explained why she invited Rogan to guest host.

“Rogan’s not someone who I have to give a lot of instructions to. She’s been on the show before and we’re trying to invite a lot of people back. We want cohosts just to give the show continued diversity. And we have good synergy, too. So, you always want someone who has good synergy,” she said. 

Happy Foods 242 creator and host, Sasha Laurel and This Bahamian Gyal Creative Director, Rogan Smith. (Photo/Jay Isaacs)

The host said the show continues to grow in popularity because it’s “something different to watch” and is authentic.

“There’s not a lot of consistent local content out there, and so I think that gives us an edge heading into our 12th season. Bahamians love food. Food is a very important part of our culture and who we are. There are no functions without food,” she said. “So, to bring people into the kitchens of the places they probably frequent, but never get to see, [is good].”

“People have told me that they love the show because it’s not scripted. Sometimes, I smack, which isn’t really proper etiquette, but it’s an authentic show and you get to see me in my true form. You get to see the owners and different restauranteurs in their true form and it’s just a really good show.” 

Season 12 debuts February 1, 2020 on Cable 12. Check local listings. 

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