I Spoke Too Soon

By Rogan Smith |
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Erica Mena

Mena, Mena, Mena.

Just when I thought Erica Mena was behaving herself, she goes and acts a fool, once again.

I watched last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Erica’s big mouth was on full display. This time, she was taunting Stevie J’s daughter, Savannah and threatening to fight.

Stevie J
Stevie J aka “Steebie” refuses to tolerate Erica Mena’s disrespect towards his daughter.

Stevie J, who returned after an extended absence this season, explained that Erica has been sliding into his DMs and being mad disrespectful. He also explained that Savannah, who is very protective of him, was not having it. She showed up at the club following Estelita’s “performance” to confront Erica.

From a distance, Mena taunts Savannah, noting that it might be her bedtime, obviously a dig at Savannah’s age.

Savannah Jordan
Stevie J’s daughter, Savannah.

Erica is a hypocrite. She blew up on Just Brittany for talking about her son, but she had no problem disrespecting somebody else’s kid.

Stevie may be many things, but he’s not about to let anyone hurt his children. Lest we forget, Stevie kicked his own baby’s mama, Joseline Hernandez to the curb following her own run-in with his daughter last season.

Erica is older than Savannah. It’s time she starts acting like it.

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