The Kerfuffle Over Beyoncé’s Kids’ Photos

By Rogan Smith |
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Beyonce and Twins

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. 

Yesterday, a photo of Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s twins and eldest daughter, Blue, were leaked to the media. 

The black and white photo features all three children sitting in what seems like a field. The twins, Rumi and Sir, are seated on the ground in front while their big sister drapes her arms around them.

Many fans were happy to see the photo as the power couple’s twins are rarely seen out in public. Most people had nice things to say about the photo, but not the fact that it was leaked. Others weighed in on the twins’ looks and said the photo was fair game. 

It is unclear who leaked the photo, but it was clearly not sanctioned by the couple. Their lawyers have apparently sent out cease and desist letters to media outlets. 

Now, members of Beyoncé’s rabid fan base, the Beyhive are out there – as it usually does – seeking to destroy anyone who either posts the photo or comments negatively about it.

As I mentioned, there were some posters who made unflattering remarks about the twins’ looks. While others praised them, calling them beautiful children.

Those who said the children were not cute, were cursed out, insulted, reminded that they didn’t have the Carters’ wealth, and so on. 

Big sister, Blue with her siblings, Rumi and Sir.

While I don’t think anyone should leak somebody else’s children’s photos, I think it’s important to point out several things. Firstly, the person who took the photos were clearly at someone’s house, spotted the picture and took the shot. They didn’t hack into Beyoncé’s computer and steal it. They probably got excited, like most curious fans would, and took the picture.

Secondly, this is not just any celebrity couple. This is Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The level of interest into these people’s lives is beyond comprehension. But, it is what it is. The couple often posts photos of their children. I believe when you do that, you feed into the hysteria and actually encourage rabid fans to want even more.

Say what you want, but this is precisely why Michael Jackson kept his children’s faces obscured from the public. People thought he was nuts for putting masks on them. But, I actually thought he was quite smart. He wanted his children to have normal lives and he wanted them to be unbothered when they were out with friends, nannies, etc. Because we didn’t know what they looked like, they blended right in with the rest of us. 

The Carters bill themselves as a private couple, But, they are not. They are a very public, showy couple masquerading as a private couple. They seem happy to post their kids, as any parent would be. But, for some reason, they think they are the only ones allowed to do that. 

Let’s look at someone like Kerry Washington. That is someone who is private. She has three children – two biological and a bonus child – and it was only this year when she was featured in the Nigerian Life & Times Magazine that we ever seen a photo of her biological children. She keeps her private life just that – private and chooses not to post any pictures of her kids on social media, even though she has admitted she has been tempted to do so.

So, if photos of her children were leaked to the media, I could certainly understand the outrage. 

Is It Wrong To Comment On A Child’s Appearance?

While it may seem in poor taste to say that a child is ugly, I believe people reserve the right to say if a child is attractive or not attractive. 

I don’t believe that we ought to be nasty in our comments or seek to destroy that innocent child. But, if a person says that they don’t find the child or children to be beautiful, then that is their opinion.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy involved when it comes to the way the public treats Beyoncé and her family and the way they treat other celebrities. 

It seems almost sacrilegious for anyone to speak in a negative way about the Carter family. But, look at how people respond when it comes to the children of rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny. 

Online posters have called the children ugly, said they look like albino pigs and even worse. I’m sure those comments hurt T.I. and Tiny. But, they keep pressing on. 

Why are there different rules for the Carters?

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