Thank God It’s Friday: Weekend Here I Come

By Rogan Smith |
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Look, I love working as much as the other person. But, baby I really enjoy my weekends.

I am going to embark on my one-woman crusade across the globe to agitate for two-day work days and five-day rest days. Who’s with me? Don’t leave me out in the streets with my placards and bullhorn, now. You’ve gotta show up!

I always cram my schedule with work throughout the week and the weekend is no exception. I’m always working.

But, this time I’m making a change. I have lots of fun plans this weekend that don’t involve work. I plan on spending time with some of my girlfriends who I rarely get to see anymore. I have a sip and shop event coming up, will catch a movie at the IMAX theatre and the list goes on and on. I cannot wait.

We hear it all the time, but it really is important that we have work-life balance.

Walking Into The Weekend Like . . .
Walking Into The Weekend Like . . .

You can’t party all the time and you can’t work all the time.

This is the festive season and it doesn’t last very long, which is why we really ought to take advantage and hit up those parties, eat to our heart’s content and spend time with our loved ones while they are here.

So, go out there this weekend and live your best lives.

Happy Friday!

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