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By Rogan Smith |
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Rogan Smith at the Twilight Electric Festival

These sure are some kinky bastards. 

Those were my friend, Ebonique’s exact words as we laughed and clapped our way through the latest show to hit The Bahamas, Showtime at the Pink Flamingo. 

The live event is being held under the Spiegeltent at Twilight Electric Festival on Paradise Island. They could not have picked a better spot. The show is a high-energy mixture of cabaret, acrobatics and spectacular live music. If you love horns, you’re going to love this.  

I have never attended a live cabaret show before, so I was eager to have that experience and the fact that it was happening right here in my back yard was a bonus. 

I invited two of my friends, Macushla and Ebonique, as well as my brother, Rashad along for the experience. We were all anxious to see what the Pink Flamingo would deliver.

Macushla Pinder, Rogan Smith and Ebonique Pitts pose at the Twilight Electric Festival
Macushla, me and Ebonique. That’s one good looking bunch, except the two girls on each end.
The best letter in the alphabet!

We knew this was no ordinary event from the moment we hopped off the shuttle and landed at the site of the Twilight Electric Festival. 

A Total Transformation

The entire area, which overlooks the ocean, was transformed into a boardwalk, filled with cute eateries, a Ferris wheel, places to play games and areas to shop for local souvenirs. The iconic Atlantis Paradise Island hotel sits nearby in all its glory. 

The huge illuminated Twilight Festival sign was so inviting that festival attendees immediately rushed over to take photos. 

With the show time quickly approaching, we ran to get in line to enter the big tent. It was like stepping into another world. I immediately felt transported to the 1920s. The setup was colourful and creative. I honestly expected to see an elephant walk right by me. 

As the lights went up we could hear a hypnotic jazz horn slowly piercing the air. I looked up in the balcony and saw several male musicians donning colourful costumes and brim hats. They definitely set the stage. The music reminded me of the swing music era. For some reason, it also reminded me of Jim Carrey’s dance scene in The Mask. Very happy and exciting.

The pink flamingos at Showtime at the Pink Flamingo (Photo/Rogan Smith)

Look at those costumes!

Just then, an incredibly fit acrobat eager to show off his acrobatic skills took the stage. During his multiple sets he defied gravity and showed great prowess in balancing his body in the toughest circumstances. The crowd was literally sitting on the edge of their seats. I saw a couple of people covering their eyes, fearful that he might fall.

Many of the costumes were over the top, just like I like it. One of my favorites were the electric pink flamingo costumes that the dancers wore. 

Showtime at the Pink Flamingo. An acrobat shows his strength. (Photo/Rogan Smith)

An amazing performance.
Showtime at the Pink Flamingo. An acrobat shows his strength. (Photo/Rogan Smith)
Showtime at the Pink Flamingo. An acrobat shows his strength. (Photo/Rogan Smith)

I Will Never Look At A Banana The Same

Watch those bananas.
I was so not ready for this.

The show is billed as appropriate for children. I don’t know about that. There were a lot of sexual references made that would make me blush if my kids were in the audience. But, if the children are really young, those references might go over their heads. If they’re my niece’s age – 11 – they will not. 

The mistress and master of ceremony were a cute duo who claimed they were husband and wife. Who knows. But, they sure were funny.

They really stole the entire show with their crazy costumes, sense of humor and crazy bits. If they’re not a couple, they should be because they have incredible chemistry and were quite kinky.

The kinky couple.
Pulling audience member, Adrian to the stage.
Hey, what’s she doing under there?

I know bananas have been used as props for years to simulate certain sex acts, but this couple took it to the next level – a gross level. 

During one of their bits, they would peel a banana and bite off a piece. Then, they would stand a few feet opposite each other and projectile spit the banana into the other’s mouth. 

With each subsequent bite, they would swap bigger pieces. At one point, the mistress of ceremony bit the banana, walked into the audience, found a volunteer, who – and I still don’t understand this – willingly stood up to accept her spitting the banana into his mouth. His wife, who was sitting down in shock looked absolutely disgusted. The volunteer then tried to spit it at his wife and she was not having it at all. She blew a fuse.

As if it couldn’t get any grosser, the mistress of ceremony then chews a huge piece of banana in her mouth to the point where it resembled pulp, and spits the glob inside her “husband’s” mouth. The audience couldn’t contain itself. Even though that was hands down the nastiest scene I have ever seen, it was certainly the most memorable and sparked the biggest conversation of the night. 

There was lots of great music and dance performances. None of the dancers missed a beat and I loved the audience participation. 

The acrobats were highly skilled and luckily, there were no accidents. 

I really respect entertainers, for they are a disciplined bunch. The performances that we saw that night were nothing short of spectacular. We were entertained for nearly two hours. There was never a dull moment.

Go See It Before It’s Gone

I plan on taking my mummy to the show before it ends. You should, too. You won’t regret it. 

Showtime at the Pink Flamingo shows Wednesday to Sunday until June 23rd

Visit for more information. 

An incredible singer. Sexy, too.
One hot performance.
Talk about having a gorilla on your back! Shouldn’t this be the other way around?
The Three Stooges
That’s all folks!

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  1. I am soooo ready to go to this!!! Thank you for your review. Love all the pics! And the best letter is “C” btw! ?

  2. Wow wow wow! So glad I went I’ve also never attended an event like this and it truly set the bar high for any circus like show I will ever go to. The show was hilarious, made you blush, potentially puke, and made you consider killing your spouse lol. I laughed the whole way through and even though I arrived a bit late the show immediately captured my attention. Definitely a must see, thank ooglee for inviting me.

    PS. Yah daddy is a gorilla kml!

  3. These pics came out fantastic particularly the ones with me, Ebonique and the “new” Denzel. What a wonderful night! Thanks a mil for the invite.

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