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By Rogan Smith |
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Deadpool 2

I don’t even know where to begin. This tends to happen when my emotions are in overdrive after watching a fantastic movie. Going into the theatre, my expectations for Deadpool 2 were extremely high, and guess what, it didn’t disappoint.

After sitting through the original Deadpool twice and laughing both of my ass cheeks off, I thought there was no way that the sequel could top the original. While I don’t think the second installment necessarily topped the original, I will say it matched it.

Ryan Reynolds has proven himself a formidable lead character. He gives Deadpool so much life, and dammit, he’s so incredibly funny. From the zany introduction during the opening credits to the very end, there is something to laugh at, at every stage. It is very layered.

This time around, Deadpool is faced with a new foe. Gone is Ajax (Francis), the “Shit-Speckled Muppet Fart” who was shot to death seconds into Colussus’ “Be a Hero” speech. The new villain is a time-traveling mutant named Cable, who (spoiler alert), actually saves the day and becomes Deadpool’s ally.

Deadpool 2 villain
Cable. Not to be confused with satellite.

We’re also introduced to some new characters during Deadpool’s interview for a new squad, dubbed X-Force. He assembles this crew of misfits in order to stop a young boy with a fiery temper, and hands from being killed. The whole interview process is hilarious.

We’re introduced to lady luck herself, Domino, played beautifully by Zazie Beetz (how cool is her name) and one of my favorite actors, Terry Crews. We meet a few characters who round out the cast, and trust me, they are all funny.

Zazie Beetz
The phenomenal Zazie Beetz.

What I loved about Deadpool 2 is the jokes were still fresh and funny, and the side characters were fun to watch. The producers gave me more reasons to watch Deadpool 3. Lots of pressure there, Mr. Reynolds.

What I didn’t like so much, was the obvious insertion of certain characters to satisfy the political correctness police.

The mutant, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, returns for the sequel with her new girlfriend, Yukio.

Their romance added absolutely no value to the storyline. I am not a fan of inserting certain characters just to satisfy critics. If you want a same-sex couple in your movie, at least give us a reason to either love them or hate them. Don’t just use them as props with a few lines. I see it all the time with Hollywood films that insert a black character just to meet a quota. I’d rather you just leave them out.

Despite the PC that was aplenty, it really was a solid movie. I’m looking forward to the third installment.

I Rate It, 4 out of 5.

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