Motown Tress Wig Review: It’s A Keeper

By Rogan Smith |
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Motown Tress @ThisBahamianGyal blogger Rogan Smith poses with a wig on her head

I’m back with another review – this time, it’s the Motown Tress wig. This is my first time wearing the brand and I have to say, this wig delivers.

The company’s Let’s Lace, C-Part wig is a 12″ pink and blonde ombre coloured bob and retails for around $57. Because I purchased the last unit in stock, the beauty store gave it to me for $51.

I have typically steered clear of coloured wigs because I think they look a bit childish/clownish.

The first thing I noticed about this wig is how beautiful the colour is. It is a soft pastel pink that is quite sophisticated. Translation: it does not look like one of those wigs you would get from Party City.

The second thing I fell in love with is the texture. I recently reviewed some wigs I ordered from China that were total trash and the texture of those wigs was simply horrible.

This Motown Tress wig was much different. Firstly, it had a beautiful soft lace at the front of the unit. Secondly, it had combs at the front and side. That’s something that’s typically on the costlier lace fronts.

While it is not human hair, it sure feels close to it. It was soft and silky and did not tangle even after I washed it.

What I also loved about this unit, is how quickly and softly it dried. The instructions on the package says that it is safe to use a decent amount of heat on the unit, but honestly, there was no need to do that because it dried in the proper shape with a slight bump at the end.

It was extremely comfortable to wear and I didn’t really need to use any product to secure it. However, I still used a little Got2B gel.

I recently did a YouTube video where I reviewed and installed this unit. It’s hard not to fall in love with this wig.

Be sure to watch the video.


This Bahamian Gyal

This Bahamian Gyal blogger/vlogger, Rogan Smith reviews the Motown Tress wig.

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