Adding Spice To Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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Love & Hip Hop Season 7

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has a lot more flavor now that a little Jamaican Spice has been added to stir the pot.

Dancehall Singer, Spice
Jamaican Dancehall singer, Spice.

Atlanta is my favorite in the L&HH franchise. Always has been. That’s mostly due to the fact that I went to university in Atlanta, so it’s very familiar to me. Secondly, I just love Southern accents. That drawl adds to the fun factor.

L&HH, now in its seventh season, has had many memorable moments despite the absence of Joseline Hernandez, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess and the “Good Guy”, Stevie J.

With two of its mainstays gone for the most part, producers have had to introduce some characters to keep things popping.

This season we meet up again with Erica Mena, the loud-mouthed transplant from the New York franchise, who has no problem throwing those elbows. She seems a bit more measured this time around. One thing I can say about Erica Mena, is she ain’t stupid. She understands the game better than most.

With Mena experiencing a Kumbaya My Lord moment, the producers knew they would need someone who could pop off at a moment’s notice. Someone feisty. Someone willing to throw a plate full of potato salad at an unsuspecting foe.

Enter Spice.

Spice is a popular Jamaican dancehall artist known for her raw lyrics and hyped performances.

This season, Spice is all business.

She is a perfectionist in the studio, is quick to check Tommie Lee for showing up hours late to a session (Tommie was home tending to her “son”, a sick pig), and doesn’t hesitate to defend her new friend, Rasheeda.

She’s earned my respect because most of the cast members would be afraid to stand up to Tommie. But, Spice nah play.

Reality Star Tokyo
Reality star, Tokyo. Better known as Harvey “Two-Face” Dent from the Batman series.

In recent episodes, she and Tokyo get into it. Tokyo’s Harvey “Two-Face” Dent appearance is off-putting at first. Half of her hair is purple, the other half pink, for God’s sake. But, as I continue to watch her, she has definitely grown on me.

The ladies have major beef due to the fact that Spice went on a date with Tokyo’s ex, Tabius.

It gets nasty. Names are called and Spice throws shots at Tokyo due to her weight.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Spice apologizes to Tokyo for what she called “the most horrific situation I’ve watched on TV.” She acknowledges that her potshots were disrespectful.

Despite the big brouhaha, I am enjoying both of these ladies on L&HH: Atlanta. They keep things hot and spicy.

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