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I read lots of blogs and I am always curious to know more about the writers – the quirky information that people would never know.

So, I’ve put together this Top 20 list of some fun and not-so-fun things about me. Check them out.

  • I’m right-handed, but have always wished I were left-handed.
  • Michael Jackson and I share a birthday – August 29th. My sister also shares the same birthday. I’m a Virgo to the core.
  • I am the second of four children. However, after my older brother passed away, I became the oldest. 
  • I hated going to church as a child. That continued into adulthood. I went to a Catholic primary school. Every week, the principal, who was a nun, used to pinch me and force me to sit next to her in church. It really made me hate going to church. 
  • I lived in Cuba for a year-and-a-half studying Spanish and literature. To this day, I consider Cuba my second home. 
  • My mother and some of my aunts are named after U.S. states. 
  • My sister has somewhat continued the tradition and named her twin girls London and Brooklyn. When she was pregnant, I suggested the name Chicago. She hated it. Weeks later, Kim Kardashian named her daughter, Chicago. My sister still hated it. 
  • I am horrible at math. Absolutely horrible. I count on my fingers and take a minute to multiply in my head. It’s a running joke among my friends. A high school math teacher once told my mother I was unteachable. My mother said, “no, she’s not.” I realize now that my brain is just designed differently. I am incredible at words and languages. Numbers? Not so much. 
  • I have a soft spot for the homeless. It hurts my heart to see people suffering because they don’t have shelter or food. I always hear something whispering in my ear to do something . . . and I do.
  • I hate elitism. My mother taught me that no one is better than me and I am not better than anyone else. I truly believe that. I can respect someone, but I never look in awe of them. 
  • How a person treats a waiter shows me their character. Every single time. 
  • I often talk to God in my car or when I’m washing dishes. He loves to chat with me at that time.
  • I have a knack for knowing people’s intentions immediately. Even without them saying a word.
  • A trip to California in 2018 completely changed my mind about that state. I always looked at it as a carefree place with lots of movie stars. What I saw instead were a lot of hurting homeless people. A lot. 
  • I really enjoy horseback riding. It’s one of my favorite activities. Horses are wonderful animals.
  • I love to read self-help books, inspirational books and biographies. I also love gifting books to family and friends. 
  • The Nanny and Seinfeld are some of my favorite sitcoms of all time. I am a total George Costanza. 
The one and only, George Costanza
  • I still watch re-runs of Girlfriends, Living Single and The Wayans Brothers. Laughter is good for the soul.
  • I greatly respect Steve Harvey. I love his work ethic, how real he is, how he handles critics and on top of that, he makes me laugh. I aspire to be like him in many ways. I met him last year when I appeared on his TV talk show. 
  • Opposition and hating always help to move me to the next level. Every time someone tries to hold me back, I fight harder to accomplish my goals. It’s the consummate catalyst. Every time I don’t get something I worked for and feel I deserve, I start strategizing of ways to get it in some other way. I become singularly focused on achieving my goals. Let your hater be your elevator. 

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