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By Rogan Smith |
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Kyle Walkine of Our News, Rogan Smith, Francis Taylor of Bahamas

Not many of you know this, but I am the Public Relations and Marketing Chairperson for the Susan G. Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure®. My organization raises money each year that goes toward helping local breast cancer charities and other NGOs.

This past week, I had a chance to sit down with Our News TV to talk about our upcoming 5K race in January.

When I first started working with the organization, I thought I was doing a good thing. Four years later, after witnessing so many people die from the dreaded disease, I realize that I and my team are doing a great thing to end this fight permanently.

Rogan Smith being interviewed by Our News
Rogan Smith (right) being interviewed by Our News TV. She is joined by Bahamas Sales Manager, Francis Taylor. (Photo/Daynell Brennen)

Every day, I am inundated with stories from Bahamians, all of whom have had their own personal experiences and tragedies with cancer. Sadly, it is lack of education and subsequently funding that leads to death.

The Bahamas has one of the highest rates of women who are diagnosed young and at a late stage.

Just last week, a woman called me asking what my organization could do to help her mummy, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The woman said her mum was advised to remove her breast, which was oozing a liquid substance. As I listened to that daughter’s voice over the telephone, I got a greater appreciation for what people go through, how desperate they become in the face of cancer and how much money plays a factor in whether someone receives help or not.

I also realized why I have to continue pushing through to help others.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy’s worst enemy. I mean that. I have witnessed it up close. I have lost family members and children that I have grown to love. You feel completely helpless.

I hope that we are in the verge of a cure and that no one else loses their battle.

To register for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Bahamas, visit

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