Why I’ve Slowed Down On Watching Reality Shows

By Rogan Smith |
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Reality Shows

Is it just me or are all black reality shows starting to look and sound the same? 

I used to be glued to VH1 to watch shows like Flavor Of Love and I Love New York. While they had their ratchet element, the casts on those shows had a lot of personality and were a lot of fun to watch. 

Everything has changed. I tune in to some of the franchises I have grown to love over the years like Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives and the women all look the same. 

Reality Stars All Look The Same

They all have fake boobs, ridiculous, oversized, ill-proportioned butts, overflowing weaves, too much makeup and a whole lot of attitude.

My tolerance for trash is getting lower. I blame my age and spirituality on that. 

In the past, I relished watching my reality shows and running to my computer to give my reality rundown. However, these days, I find myself avoiding watching them altogether or when I do, I end up lecturing myself for ingesting such garbage. 

Everyone’s A Rapper

On the shows, everyone has dreams of being a star, but not everyone has the talent. Everyone’s an aspiring rapper. There’s always some stripper hoping to be the next Cardi B. The cast is sleeping with each other. Someone’s always fighting or spreading gossip (serving tea). It’s all gotten so scripted, boring and quite frankly, annoying.  

However, I remain a pop culture junkie. I love learning about what’s going on in the celebrity world. But, I also know that there is so much more to life than I’m seeing on TV every Monday night. 

I enjoy bonding with friends and coworkers about reality show celebs. So, I can’t say that I will eliminate watching the shows entirely. But, they are no longer a focus. 

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