Why Didn’t I Know About BareMinerals Makeup Sooner

By Rogan Smith |
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This Bahamian Gyal blog honest review of bareMinerals makeup

In a world of Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty and MAC, it’s easy to overlook other incredible brands. I recently discovered bareMinerals makeup, which just may be one of the most incredible makeup brands on the market.

I have seen bareMinerals in the corner of my eye while shopping in the mall. The first thing I thought was, it’s going to be too expensive and secondly, a mineral-based makeup line will make me look like I’ve been rolling around in flour. No bueno.

Several weeks ago, while shopping in Pentagon City Mall in Virginia, I walked by the bareMinerals store and decided to take a peek. It was a life-changing moment.

Let me first give a bit of background. I was definitely what you’d call a late bloomer when it comes to makeup. I didn’t start wearing it until I was in my mid-twenties. I figured my skin was decent and I hated the thought of wearing something that would easily transfer to my clothes. So, I avoided makeup at all costs.

It was only when MAC foundation kissed my skin that I started to appreciate the benefit of a good foundation and how flawless it can make your skin look.

My problem with some brands, however, is that it can make your skin look a bit oily. And on top of that, some brands just don’t come close to my skin tone. I have caramel skin with yellow undertones. Therefore, I’m either saddled with foundation that is either too light or too orange.

Some amazing products from the bareMinerals brand. I purchased all of these items during my recent trip to the mall.
Some amazing products from the bareMinerals brand. I purchased all of these items during my recent trip to the mall.

I have found myself mixing two different colours to get close to my complexion, but that’s frustrating, not to mention costly.

So, when I walked into bareMinerals and saw the array of shades, I felt optimistic, but cautious.

I went in that store just to look. But, ended up leaving with over $125 worth of product.

bareMinerals BAREPRO performance wear liquid foundation in Latte. I bought this foundation and it gave me flawless coverage.
bareMinerals BAREPRO performance wear liquid foundation in Latte. I bought this foundation and it gave me flawless coverage.

What Sets bareMinerals Apart

BareMinerals bills itself as a clean beauty brand that believes that makeup shouldn’t should look good, but also be good for the skin. The products the company uses are mined from natural minerals and “good-from-the-earth ingredients” that are free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives.

I purchased the BAREPRO performance wear liquid foundation in the colour, Latte. It was the 2018 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award Winner for Best Full Coverage Foundation.

The brand says the makeup is so pure, you can sleep in it. Customers with sensitive and dry skin say they love this makeup, and even though I don’t have dry skin, I couldn’t agree more.

The foundation was a bit runny when I first pumped it out, and I thought that was disappointing, but I quickly changed my mind. I think I’ve been so conditioned to use thicker foundations that this one came as a surprise.

I found myself enjoying the runnier texture because it was easier to spread on my skin. The foundation gave excellent coverage and was very buildable.

But How Did The bareMinerals Brand Feel

What about the look and feel? This foundation was a perfect match for my skin. Perfect. And that’s a word I don’t think I have ever used with any other foundation. I have said that some foundations are close or they look nice, but perfect? Not a word that I think I have ever used.

I had to examine my skin very closely to see where the foundation began. It was that close.

The foundation made my skin look soft, dewy and flawless.

I also bought the bareMinerals BAREPRO performance wear powder foundation in Sable. This powder was designed to compliment the liquid foundation, and boy does it ever.

These two products were like a dynamic duo that made my face look red carpet ready. And it did not make my face feel heavy or greasy. Those were added benefits.

Guess what? I ended up buying a bunch of other products, including blushes, an eyeshadow palette (bareMinerals Natural Oasis) and a plumping lip gloss called Maverick.

The lip gloss blew me away. I am a lipstick girl, so I took a chance with this gloss. I find that some glosses are just too sticky or don’t provide sufficient coverage. That was not the case with this brand.

It applied smoothly and richly and it gave excellent coverage to my lips. The best part is, it smelled and tasted a bit like peppermint. You can’t go wrong with peppermint.

I think that this might just be my favourite brand and I will definitely be paying more attention to bareMinerals moving forward.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what people tell us is the best makeup for our skin or we follow what celebrities are doing or wearing, that we don’t take the time to explore other brands that could make us look our absolute best.

What About The Price?

The price point on bareMinerals makeup is definitely higher than drug store brands. But, not ridiculously so. I bought four products for $125.24 and received two products for free.

The items I bough ranged from $25 to $35. That’s certainly costlier than Revlon, CoverGirl or Maybelline, but right in the range of some MAC and Fenty Beauty products.

I feel kinda silly considering that I am only now discovering this brand. It’s an amazing brand for my skin tone and I wish and hope people will pay attention to it.

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