Wendy Williams Is Back . . . Without A Bang

By Rogan Smith |
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Wendy Williams

TV’s favorite gossip queen, Wendy Williams returned to her purple throne Monday following an extended absence. In a nutshell, it wasn’t all that. 

While her return to the Wendy Williams Show was highly anticipated, it was disappointing. 

Bloggers, critics, fans and Wendy’s famed cohosts were waiting with baited breath to see if the TV juggernaut would address the rumors that have been swirling for months about her marriage. 

But, Wendy, known for saying it like she means it, didn’t say much. 

As someone who takes great delight in spilling other celebrities’ tea, she was very conservative about her own personal drama. In other words, not a single drop of tea was spilled. 

She was also very lukewarm when it came to her famous Hot Topics segment, initially focusing on the Jussie Smollett drama, which is dead in the water now. We’re over it. We want to hear about Wendy. The juice. The drama. 

Addressing The Elephant In The Room

There have been rumors for years about her husband and manager, Kevin Hunter’s infidelities. This dude gives me real Suge Knight vibes. Anyway, it is alleged that he has a mistress with whom he shares a separate life. It is also alleged that Kevin abuses Wendy. 

Wendy, clearly uncomfortable with being a Hot Topic, was quick to remind her audience that she and her husband are doing just fine. 

Producers placed a throwback photo of Wendy (pre-plastic surgery) and Kevin, with his back turned to the camera, on the digital screen in the background. 

A Real Life Hot Topic

It’s weird doing hot topics and being a hot topic,” she said.

She noted that marriage has its ebbs and flows and cautioned the public not to ask her about her husband unless they see her wedding band off of her finger. She then flashed the ring, in all its shiny gaudiness, in front of the camera. 

Despite her messiness, I actually feel sorry for Wendy. She has made a living off of trashing other celebrities, many of whom also go through tough times. Yet, here she is battling several health conditions, a marriage that on the surface looks to be very much in trouble, and she has to put on a brave face for the world. 

An ‘A’ For Effort

It’s hard to perform before millions of people knowing that all is not well at home. I give her an ‘A’ for the courage and strength she showed. Remember, Kevin ain’t out there on that stage. 

Wendy thanked her fans for staying put while she got better and noted that she was having her thyroid medication adjusted. 

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