Ugly Eyebrow Tutorial

By Rogan Smith |
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Hey everyone! I’m back with a new YouTube video.

We’ve all walked down the street or walked into a store and seen a girl with jacked-up, Angry Birds eyebrows. You know – the kind with the thick, black penciled in look and the horrible concealer around the perimeter. The kind that makes you do a double take and makes you wonder, what the hell was she thinking??!!!

Well, I’ve seen enough over the years and I have had enough.

Now, I’m giving a tutorial of what NOT to do because these girls clearly don’t know that their eyebrows look a hot, Angry Birds mess.

I am trying to be more consistent with posting to my YouTube channel and thought I’d create this fun video to make people laugh while they’re stuck at home self-isolating.

Watch this from beginning to end. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


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