Tyra Banks Steps In Big Shoes And Fans Hate Debut

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Tyra Banks red dress Dancing With The Stars

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars returned to television last night for its 29th season with Tyra Banks as the new host.

While there was a great deal of excitement for the new dancing stars, some fans were less than enthused about Banks’ performance.

The retired model replaced longtime DWTS host, Tom Bergeron after ABC decided to “go in a different direction.”

Bergeron has hosted since the dancing show’s debut in 2005 and was a hit among viewers due to his affable nature and naturalness behind the microphone.

Banks, who emerged last night in a dramatic red number and sashayed down the ballroom like in her Victoria’s Secret days, admitted that she had big shoes to fill. She seemed a bit nervous, but who wouldn’t be?

Banks is no stranger to hosting. She has done it for a number of talk shows and even her own reality show, America’s Next Top Model. To her credit, she was always engaging and entertaining.

While there were a few hiccups last night, I don’t think the fans are being fair. In fact, they were ruthless.

Tyra Banks shows off her outfit change on Monday night's Dancing with the Stars.
Tyra Banks shows off her outfit change on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars.

It’s Tough Replacing a Beloved Host

It’s not easy replacing a beloved host, especially Bergeron, who was there from the beginning. It’s also not easy to give tons of energy in a ballroom devoid of screaming fans. But, she held her own.

Banks can only be herself. If she tried to be Bergeron or anyone else, she would fail miserably.

Fans have to give newbies some latitude to be themselves. ABC also has to understand that true fans of the show formed a real love and respect for the original host and would naturally grade his replacement hard.

Last night’s show was amazing, as far as I am concerned.

I enjoyed seeing the new slate of stars. I am already in love with a few people, including The Real talk show host, Jeannie Mai; Disney star, Skai Jackson; rapper, Nelly and actress, Anne Heche.

Mai really impressed me. You can see that she worked hard on her routine.

I found myself live tweeting during the two-hour show – something I rarely do. It was such an exciting show.

I am a big reader, but I think Dancing With The Stars is one show I will watch this fall.

I can’t wait to watch the show next Tuesday. The first elimination will take place.


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