The Best Dark Spot Remover For Black Skin

By Rogan Smith |
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Black DC blogger, Rogan Smith of This Bahamian Gyal, holds Hero Lightning Wand in her hand

What if I told you that I found the best dark spot remover for black skin ever? One that was as fast as lightning. Would you believe me? If so, keep reading.

As a black woman, I have battled dark spots for a good chunk of my adult life. Blame it on the melanin in my skin. Every time I have acne or pluck a stray hair, it traumatises my skin, leaving an unsightly dark spot in its wake. It’s a cross I must bear.

And when it comes to dark spot removers, I have tried them all. Many products promise to do a lot of things, but very few actually deliver.

I was in love with Ambi’s fade cream for a while. It was the most effective fade cream I had ever gotten my hands on. But, for some reason, it just stopped working. And considering how much I don’t like the smell, it was a chore to keep applying it to my skin just to get the benefits. So, I set out to find something else.

A Dark Spot Remover That Works As Fast As Lightning

During a recent trip to Target (if you read this blog, you know that I love that place), I walked by a tiny rollerball serum that promised to brighten my dark spots. That product was the Hero Lightning Wand: Dark Spot Brightening Serum.

I spent under $10 for this tiny product and had ZERO hopes that it would actually work. Remember, I am scarred from a string of unfulfilled promises. But, I figured given the inexpensive price point, I could afford to try it.

The Lightning Wand contains Vitamin C, which the company says brightens dark spots, Niacinamide, which illuminates and smoothes the skin and Tranexamic Acid which tackles signs of discolouration.

Blogger Rogan Smith holds a small rollerball of Hero's dark spot remover in her hand. The Lightning Wand promises to remove dark spots quickly.

The Lightning Wand promises to visibly brighten dark spots from day 1. That’s a serious boast. Especially from something that small. But, boy does it deliver.

My greatest disappointment is that I didn’t take photos of my dark spots from the first day so that I could share the changes.

This Dark Spot Remover Is Small But Powerful

After the first day, my dark spots looked significantly lighter. In fact, they looked like a medium brown rather than dark brown. That’s huge. No, you didn’t hear me. THAT’S HUGE!

By the second day, I noticed that the marks were significantly lightening up. Listen, I really questioned whether I was seeing things – things I wanted to see. But, remember, I had zero hopes that this product would work.

I have been using the rollerball serum twice a day and am already seeing incredible results.

DC blogger This Bahamian Gyal looks at the Hero lightning wand rollerball serum. The serum is a fast-acting dark spot remover.

The best part is the serum has a pleasant smell, feels cool on my skin and I don’t have to get my fingers dirty at all. The rollerball does it all.

In my latest YouTube video, I dropped my face routine and talk about this product. Click the video down below to watch. It’s so worth it.

I plan on continuing to use this Lightning Wand and I truly hope it doesn’t stop working ever!


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