The Beauty Of Starting Over

By Rogan Smith |
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For a lot of people, starting over can be scary. Whether you are moving to a new city, entering a new relationship or starting a new job, it can all be very intimidating.

That’s why few people do it unless they absolutely have to.

Leaving behind the very things that make us comfortable is daunting. My entire life and career have been peppered with restarts so I know all too well how it feels.

Just recently, I relocated to Washington D.C. and boy has it been an adjustment.

Beyond getting used to the weather (it gets super cold at times), I’ve had to open bank accounts, get a new social security card, a driver’s license and look for a car to name a few.

Before I relocated, I was worried that I would have difficulty adjusting. After all, I knew the lay of the land in Nassau and had built relationships not just with friends, but with service providers like my doctors and dentist, my hair stylist, etc. Finding replacements for all of these people is tough.

I found a terrific salon in DC. Thank God!

But, the good thing is my husband assured me that he would help me through everything. And he has.

I love fresh starts. They allow us to shape our future in an incredible way. They allow us to meet new people, explore places we have never been and do things we were once afraid to do.

I know so many people who hate their jobs but they don’t like going on interviews, so they choose to stay stagnant in those jobs.

There are also people whose relationships have ended but they don’t want to date again because they are afraid to see what and who else is out there.

But, the beauty in starting over is you get to do things the way you want to on your terms. You know know all of the mistakes you have made, so now you can avoid them.

Starting over may be scary, but it’s also beautiful, not to mention very necessary if we are to experience true personal growth.


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