That’s What Friends Are For

By Rogan Smith |
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Rogan and Ashlee Compass Point

I don’t have a lot of friends. Fortunately for me, I like it that way.

I much prefer quality over quantity.

I’m not a high maintenance friend, but I like knowing that my friends are there for me if I’m going through tough times in my life. I also want them by my side when I’m celebrating the high points.

Thea, Cerys and Rogan
Thea, my fellow Virgo sister, Cerys aka Sasquatch and bane of my existence, and me!
Rogan and Macushla
Here, I give my longtime friend, Macushla a piggyback ride. This heifer is heavy. I will likely need extensive back surgery.

I’ve been blessed enough to be surrounded by a handful of people who are trustworthy, fun to be around and loyal. They’re quick to give me credit when I deserve it and tell me when I’m wrong without hesitation. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ebonique and Rogan
One of my best friends, Ebonique and me.
Rogan and Ashlee
Me again with my beautiful niece, Ashlee, who has become one of my best friends.

Here’s to all the people out there lucky enough to have wonderful folks in their lives.

To those who aren’t so lucky, do not sacrifice your morals, convictions or sanity just to have someone to call friend. It’s not worth it.

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