Shopping My Closet For Cute Clothes I’ve Never Worn

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Black YouTube vlogger, Rogan Smith wears multiple outfits. She is showing readers how to shop their closet.

It’s amazing to see how many clothes I have in my closet that I have never worn. I promised myself that before I spend another dime on an outfit that I would try to go through the clothes I already have.

The problem is, most of my clothes are summer and spring wear and we’re in fall. If I were back home in The Bahamas it wouldn’t be a problem. But, the weather in Washington, DC has its own mind.

I often hear style bloggers talk about shopping their closet and repurposing clothing as a way to save money. I’m all for it.

I am already thinking of accessories I can use to transition my summer wear into fall clothing.

I recently sifted through my closet and found a few items that I am still in love with. I wanted to share them with you because many of them are so colourful and beautiful that they deserve to be shared with the world.

Take a peek in my closet. I bought most of these items from a local store in Nassau called The Velvet Hanger.

The first item is an adorable tropical ankle-length romper with colourful flowers and leaves throughout the design. I paired it with a green straw belt to cinch my waist.

The fabric is thin and airy, but provides great coverage, so you can’t see my underwear even though the fabric is white. I love that.

This Bahamian Gyal lifestyle and beauty blogger, Rogan Smith poses for the camera. She's wearing a colourful tropical romper with a green belt.
This Bahamian Gyal lifestyle and beauty blogger, Rogan Smith poses for the camera. She's wearing a colourful tropical romper with a green belt.

One of my absolute favourite pieces is a colourful dress that I purchased from The Velvet Hanger. It has a black necktie built in to the design and a slight slit to the front of the dress. The fabric is satin and is very comfortable.

I plan to pair this dress with some opaque tights and wear it with boots to bring it into fall.

I paired this dress with a thin gold belt to cinch the waist.

This Bahamian Gyal beauty and lifestyle blogger, Rogan Smith wears a colourful satin dress with a black tie.

I clearly have a thing for rompers long and short. So much so that when I find one I like I buy several in different colours. Like this beauty.

Black beauty blogger, Rogan Smith wears a pink and blue romper.
Black beauty blogger wears colourful romper

I happen to love tulle skirts. There’s something so incredibly feminine about them. They remind me of my ballet dancing days when I was a little girl.

I found this skirt in one of my favourite stores, Altar’d State in the Pentagon Mall in Virginia. They had a big sale, so I took advantage and bought several pieces.

DC-based blogger, Rogan Smith wears a pink  off-the-shoulder blouse with a grey/blue tulle skirt.
Black woman wears a pink off the-shoulder blouse with a flow skirt.

I have had this yellow-mustard satin midi skirt for more than three years and still cannot not bear to part with it.

I never knew what type of top to wear with it. I used to be so catchy-matchy with my outfits, but all of that has changed now.

I paired this skirt with a soft, cozy cream-coloured sweater. I love the juxtaposition of the smooth satin-y skirt and the plushness of the top.

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Rogan Smith wears a mustard-yellow satin midi skirt with a cream-coloured sweater.
Black Washington, DC blogger, Rogan Smith wears a beautiful mustard coloured midi skirt with a cream coloured sweater from Altar'd State.
All smiles. Washington, DC blogger and YouTuber, Rogan Smith wears a yellow satin midi skirt.

In my latest YouTube video, I put on a bit of a fashion show for my audience. Be sure to check it out down below to see all of the items that I have never worn. These pieces were just a tip of the iceberg. I have so much clothes. I may have to do a part 2.

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