Safaree Samuels: The Original Lyin’ King

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Safaree Samuels

So, we went through an entire season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood only to find out that what Lyrica has been saying all along was true? That Safaree “Lyin’ King” Samuels lied about sleeping with her.

After a brief leave of absence, Safaree returned to the show last night to confess that he did not have sex with A1’s wife and business partner. Lyrica has been denying it from day one, but the rumors persisted.

The entire season, her name has been dragged in the mud with her “friends”, and I use that term very loosely, claiming that she was flirting with Safaree, slept with him and was possibly pregnant with his child.

Now, while I don’t believe that they actually had sex, I do believe there was heavy flirtation and Lyrica may have expressed serious interest in Safaree. He did admit that he sent her pictures of his private part. But tried to convince A1 that it was sent by accident. #BoyBye. You must think we’re stupid out in these streets. The whole exchange between Safaree and the black nail polish wearing A1 seemed contrived. Like the producers forced Safaree to come clean.

Rapper A1
Rapper A1

Safaree is incredibly manipulative, so you never know what to believe or think.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson breaks down.

Lyrica broke down in tears last night after A1 acknowledged that Safaree confessed to lying, but her husband said he still wants her to do a paternity test once the baby is born. He still has his doubts wants to be 100% sure the baby is his.

Anyhoo, that’s that.

Meantime, Love & Hip Hop’s resident bad girl, Moniece got just what she was looking for. She showed up at A1’s and Lyrica’s vow renewal ceremony with the intention of fighting Princess. Who does that? It’s not the first time to two have popped off. Earlier in the season, Moniece attempted to throw a chair at a then heavily pregnant Princess after the latter accused her of being a bad mother.

Well, she got just what she was looking for. I don’t usually advocate violence, but in this case, Moniece got what she deserved. If you poke the bear, you have to be ready for that bear to maul your butt.

Moniece pulled up on the scene ready for a showdown with Princess. Princess, never one to shy away from drama, put on a show. Moniece claimed she never “throws hands first”, so she stood on the sidelines taunting Princess. Princess has no reservations about throwing hands or drinks or glasses, so, she got it popping. Moniece threw a piece of cake and that was that.

Last night was the season finale. I’m not sure if there will be a reunion show next week because VH1 didn’t preview it, but I suspect there will be. The network will squeeze out two more dramas for the fans before moving back to Love & Hip Hop: New York.

See you next week!

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