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Warning: if you read Discerning The Voice of God (How To Recognise When God Is Speaking), you will hear the voice of God.

For years, I wondered if the voice I was hearing in my head was my own, that of God’s or that of the Enemy. There were times when I swore I was hearing God’s voice, but later realised it was my own. And there were times when I thought it was my voice, but found out it was God’s.

Lately, I have been hearing God ask me to spend time with Him. It usually comes during my busiest moments when I’m writing, editing or watching TV. There will always be a small, quiet voice saying, “will you spend some time with me?” It’s not the first time. In a blog post last year, I mentioned that God had been reaching out to me to connect with Him.

Anyway, last week, I was in the food store shopping when I decided to go through the magazine aisle. None of the magazines appealed to me. So, I moved over to the spiritual books. I looked through the rack, but nothing moved me. Just as I was about to leave, I spotted a book by Priscilla Shirer, an author I had never heard of.

This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith quietly reads Priscila Shirer's spiritual book, Discerning The Voice of God.

I picked up Discerning The Voice of God: How To Recognize When God Is Speaking, thumbed through a few pages and knew immediately that I was meant to buy this book.

Shirer writes in a conversational tone that makes reading along so easy. She also presents specific examples to support her point, which I really appreciated.

I quickly learned that the reason many people don’t hear God’s voice is because they simply don’t stop talking long enough to hear Him. Think about your prayer life. How many times do you absentmindedly open your prayer with, “Dear God”, then go on to lay out all of the things you want Him to do for you. We treat God like a genie in a bottle whose main function is to hear our wishes and grant them. But, we rarely listen to what He has to say.

I remember sitting across from a friend who asked for my opinion but wouldn’t stop talking long enough for me to give it. Well, guess what? Shirer highlighted a similar example in this book, except she was the friend who wouldn’t stop talking. Imagine how frustrating that must be for God.

This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith flips through Priscila Shirer's spiritual book, Discerning The Voice of God.

Shirer also advises readers to look out for themes with God. I could totally relate to that. When God wants to tell me something, a series of events will happen that will drive home his point. It’s almost impossible to ignore.

There was a section in the book where Shirer warns readers to stop reading if they aren’t truly ready to hear God’s voice. She said that they would after reading the book. That intrigued me very much. A big part of me continued reading because deep down I wanted to prove her wrong. Let me tell you, I hadn’t even gotten to the midway point of the book before I started hearing God speaking to me. A lot.

This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith quietly reads Priscila Shirer's spiritual book, Discerning The Voice of God.

He had messages for me to give to people I knew. He had advice for me. He counselled me. He told me to not listen to certain music. He just started talking. Non-stop. I feel like He was waiting for me to get still and to open my mind and heart to Him. Once I did, He started talking.

Another point that Discerning the Voice of God drove home was that we need to be incredibly disciplined and do what God asks us to do immediately and without hesitation.

It’s funny, when we want something from God, we expect for Him to do it immediately. But, when He asks us to do something, we drag our feet. I realised that this had to change.

I read this entire book in two days. I could have easily finished it in a day, but wanted to savour the words.

I do not regret buying this book at all. I am thankful that God led me to it and I know that I will keep it as a resource to refer to in the years to come.

If you’re serious about hearing God’s voice and really want to change your relationship with the Creator, I highly suggest reading this book.

You can purchase it on Amazon. Happy reading!


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