Ready For Buju Banton’s Long Walk To Freedom Concert

By Rogan Smith |
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Buju Banton One Love

Let me dust off these sneakers for this long walk I’m about to embark on.

My baby, Buju Banton is here and ready to walk like a champion.

The Jamaican dancehall and reggae legend touched down in The Bahamas yesterday. His highly-anticipated, Long Walk To Freedom concert takes place this Saturday at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium and I could not be more excited.

Despite his transgressions, Buju has been a towering musical presence in my life – from teendom to adulthood. He is my generation’s Bob Marley. Not only is Buju the dancehall king, he often delves into the conscious realm, highlighting social injustices and giving us music to quell our fears and give us hope.

I remember when I was in high school and used to catch the bus home, me and my cousins would ONLY take the bus that was rocking, and by rocking, I mean the bus playing Buju Banton’s music. He was at the height of his career at that time.

So, I was too excited to hear that he was bringing his tour to The Bahamas this month.

My sister, Phedra got a chance to meet him yesterday. Buju just showed up to Arawak Cay known locally as the Fish Fry. It’s a colourful place locals go to eat the best and freshest food and indulge in libations. Ya boy just showed up and started taking pictures with the locals.

Phedra and the one and only, Gargamel aka Buju Banton. Buju must be really tall, because my sister is incredibly tall.

My sister said he was incredibly friendly and called her over when she pulled her camera out. One of his bodyguards tried to block her, but Buju aka Gargamel, quickly intervened and told the guard to let the people get close.

Because I’m such a weirdo, my two questions were: what did he smell like? Did he have good breath? She said he smelled “delicious” and had good breath. I couldn’t stop laughing.

She couldn’t get over just how accommodating he was.

Ready For A Great Show

After seeing footage of the concert in Jamaica I think many people started to get super excited about this upcoming concert. Buju hasn’t been here in years, so this is going to be a real treat.

Buju’s voice is so powerful and full of energy that I know he is going to send the crowd into a frenzy.

So many of my friends and family members – including my sister and brother – are going to be there, I cannot wait.

It’s going to be epic. Me cyant wait!

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