My Photo Shoot With Kelsey Edwards

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I have been waiting a long time to take photos with Kelsey Edwards. How long? Nine years. Yup, you could say that I’m very patient.

I first saw her work when she shot photos for Dakota Fanning, one of my favourite young actresses. I was floored by her talent. So, I booked a session with her in Atlanta.

However, something came up and I didn’t get the chance to take pictures with her. The funny thing is, even though I was surrounded by really good photographers, she is the only one I wanted to take photos with. So, when I saw that she was heading back to Atlanta for one of her famous sessions, I just had to take advantage.

The legendary Kelsey Edwards is at the far left, me and her assistant, Brandon, who was incredibly kind.

I booked my ticket and my session and was ready to go. The great thing about my trip to Atlanta is it gave me an opportunity to spend time with my childhood friend, Shawn, who is like a brother to me.

I asked Shawn if he would go with me to the photo shoot and he said yes. I am so happy he tagged along because he made the experience fun. The night before, he and I were sitting up talking about everything so we were super tired the day of the shoot.

The funny thing is, he fell asleep on the couch while I waited to take photos.

Shawn fell asleep on the couch in this beautiful Atlanta loft. He was knocked out.

Coming Full Circle

Shooting with Kelsey was truly a full circle moment.

I came in with several outfit options and she went through them and chose the ones that she thought would work well. From there, it was off to my makeup artist, Claudia Mejerle. I cannot sing her praises enough. I do not like overdrawn eyebrows or heavy makeup. Claudia instinctively kept my makeup fresh, which was amazing.

It’s funny because after she was done with my brows, I confessed to her that if she didn’t do a great job I would have fixed my eyebrows myself. We had a good laugh.

Not only was she gentle during the process, but we had great laughs along the way.

The Shooting Process

Kelsey shoots in a loft/warehouse in Atlanta. There was tons of gorgeous natural light pouring through the windows. She also shoots with natural light, which I just know will look amazing.

We went through three outfits that she felt showcased my personality.

Catching great light. I didn’t switch my shoes because the photos don’t capture below my shoulders.

One thing I came to understand very quickly, is that my eyes naturally squint when I smile. I had to be reminded to open my eyes wide while shooting. Now, I am very conscious of it.

We went through the process fairly quickly. The majority of the time was absorbed by clothing changes and makeup touch-ups.

In between shoots, Shawn and I would take photos of each other or dance to music.

At the end of the process, Kelsey took photos of me and Shawn. It was so nice. Then, she and her assistant, Brandon (I hope I am spelling that right) took photos with me.

All in all, this entire process was worth the wait. I cannot wait to see my pictures. They are, after all, nine years in the making.


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