Kobe Bryant Dead At 41

By Rogan Smith |
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I am in absolute shock and disbelief that NBA legend and Oscar winner, Kobe Bryant is dead.

The retired basketball superstar was killed today in a helicopter crash in California.

He leaves behind a wife, four children and an incredible legacy that surpassed sports.

I first found out of Kobe’s passing when a friend of mine posted it on Facebook. I was in absolute shock, praying that it was a hoax. But, it’s not.

After sitting parked in my car for 30 minutes processing this news and going on every website known to man to find out more news, I finally gathered the mental strength to get out and go inside the mall. It seems everyone was hit with the news.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to their phones and people were verbally and physically reacting to the tragic news.

Kobe’s death has taught me many things. I will get into that at another time. But, I feel so fortunate to have lived at the same time as this man. What an inspiration he was.

May his soul rest in peace.

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