It’s Coronavirus Not A Competition

By Rogan Smith |
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Hey everyone! Hope you guys and dolls are doing great. I also hope you all are washing those hands and practicing self-distancing as we deal with this deadly COVID-19.

The world as we know it has changed tremendously with businesses shut down and residents shut in. We have no idea how long this global pandemic will last, but we’re all hoping we can get rid of the coronavirus as soon as possible.

In my latest YouTube post, I talk about these uncertain times and I also talk about the unexpected side effect of this outbreak: competition. Competition? What?

Yup. People are seemingly competing with each other about how productive they are. I know it sounds crazy and that’s because it is.

Being quarantined has allowed people to catch up on the many things that they have either neglected or simply have not had time for because they were so busy working or going to school.

Staying safe. I wear my mask every time I go outside.

But, now, with so many people attending classes online or telecommuting, they have had time to do some extra things.

On social media, many people have taken to bragging about their accomplishments while berating their colleagues, family members, friends and even strangers for not taking advantage of the extra time.

I thought I would weigh in on the conversation on my YouTube channel. Click the video down below.

I also want to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget to leave a comment and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE to the channel! Happy watching!


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Be safe and keep washing those hands, everybody!

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