I Want To Love Cantu Products, But They Are Too Greasy

By Rogan Smith |
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I’ve been using Cantu products for over a year. I have mostly enjoyed their sulphate-free cleansing cream shampoos and conditioners, which typically leave my natural 4c hair soft. But, their coconut curling cream is another story.

As I navigate this natural hair lifestyle, I’m always in search of products that are not only good for my hair, but make it look great. But, some hair companies don’t seem to understand that greasiness does not equal moisture. Enter Cantu.

I have tried the company’s leave-in conditioning repair cream, its coconut curling cream and its moisturising curl activator cream, to name a few. They have all left my hair weighed down and greasy.

The crazy part is, I really want to like this line. As a woman with 4c hair, I struggle with hair dryness. My hair is low porosity, which means it’s hard for my hair to absorb moisture and retain the hydration.

For this reason, I tend to gravitate towards creams more than oils. And Cantu has a lot of them. The problem is, I can’t take the greasiness.

I feel like the company has great intentions, but it simply has not found a formula that can truly moisturise hair textures like mine without leaving it sticky and heavy.

I sometimes think maybe it’s not designed for hair like mine. Perhaps it’s better suited for individuals with 3a hair.

I will continue using Cantu’s shampoos and hydrating cream conditioners and edge control because I have no issue with those products. But, as for the rest of the curling creams and moisturisers, I am going to pass.

I see that the brand has a grapeseed collection, which I am very curious about. But, after being burned many times by Cantu, I might pass.


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