I Got Nominated For An Icon Award

By Rogan Smith |
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Rogan Smith - Graycliff, Nassau, Bahamas

I’m up for an Icon Award.

The organizers of this prestigious award held a live broadcast to announce the official list of nominees and lo and behold, I was on it.

You won’t believe this, but I missed the broadcast. I was busy getting my hair twisted at the time. When I finally got up to look at my phone, I saw 15 WhatsApp notifications. My cousin and a few friends were trying to reach me to congratulate me.

Bahamas Icon Award statue
Bahamian Icon Award statue.

You’d swear I won 50 Oscars that night. I was so excited.

I was nominated in the media category for my column, This Thing Go With Sense. It’s a humor column where I muse over everyday life in The Bahamas, which is funny in and of itself. I swear, the entire Bahamas needs its own sitcom.

The strange way we do things always provides good content and anyone living here, whether local or foreign, can relate.

In fact, a lot of Bahamians who have relocated to North America or the UK often write me to let me know that they can’t stop laughing at a scenario or feel so connected to home when they read my column. That is the ultimate compliment.

I’m so grateful to the Icon Awards for considering me.

Good luck to all the other nominees. I’ll see all of you in July.

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