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By Rogan Smith |
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Journalists Rogan Smith and Jerome Sawyer

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking part in one of my favorite debate-styled TV programs, On The Record with host, Jerome Sawyer.

Jerome is one of The Bahamas’ most decorated journalists – highly respected. 

I was invited along with two of my journalism colleagues, Genea Noel-Ferguson, an editor at Eyewitness News and Kyle Walkine, anchor of Our News. I absolutely enjoyed my time with them. They were well-informed and fun. 

Rogan Smith, Kyle Walkine, Genea Noel-Ferguson and host of On The Record, Jerome Sawyer.
L-R: Rogan Smith, Kyle Walkine, Genea Noel-Ferguson and host of On The Record, Jerome Sawyer.

Even though I’m no longer in frontline journalism anymore, it felt good to be invited to weigh in on the conversation. My ties to journalism now come through my co-hosting duties at Ed Fields Live and of course, my column in The Punch.

Last night, we dug into some of the biggest stories of 2018. From the Byron Ferguson plane crash, to the controversial Oban deal to the economy. It was a great conversation.

How To Take Media To The Next Level

Jerome asked us to take a good look at the media and offer up suggestions for moving forward in a more positive manner. One of the things I noted that we, in the media, have a tendency to engage in ambush journalism when it comes to our elected or appointed officials. I really don’t have much respect for that. 

In the new year, I’d like to see a greater degree of civility when dealing with our leaders. I also said that I wanted to see more journalists engage in a greater degree of introspection.

For some reason, we seem to think that we are above reproach. That every time a criticism is directed at us, it’s unwarranted. Not so. Some of that criticism is indeed warranted and very accurate. I was happy to see my media colleagues agree with me.

I’m also pleased that Bahamians seem to be more interested in the country’s economy, particularly in this post-VAT environment.

I had a terrific time on the show. Jerome is a true professional and an excellent host who is skilled at making his guests feel at home.

Rogan Smith and Jerome Sawyer hug on the set of On The Record.
Rogan Smith and Jerome Sawyer. 

We, as journalists, get so used to putting our microphones in people’s faces, that sometimes it’s good for us to be on the receiving end of that.

If you’re in The Bahamas and you missed last night’s show, be sure to tune in again on Sunday on Channel 212 for the rebroadcast. Check your local listings. 

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