Fraud: My Online Wig Scam Drama

By Rogan Smith |
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This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith shows wears ugly wig from online company that scammed her.

I’ve been had. I’ve been took. I’ve been hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led astray and run amok. I was the victim of an online wig scam.

Malcolm X’s words still ring true today as I write this post on my recent experience with an online wig company called Cora Wigs, also known as Devil Wigs. I’m not kidding. That really is the online name. If that ain’t a red flag.

In May, I was scrolling on Instagram in the early crackhead hours of the morning. You know those moments when you just can’t go to sleep?

As I was scrolling through, I came across this gorgeous photo of a black woman with a gorgeous wig. I have not always been a wig wearer. I have natural hair and I love my hair. But, of late, I have been taking advantage of every opportunity to transform my look with wigs.

Anyway, the advertisement showcased one of the most gorgeous, natural-looking wigs I have seen in my life.

I clicked the link that took me to Cora Wigs’ website. The name changed once I was on the website and I saw that it was Devil Wigs. I thought . . . hot! LOL.

The website had some of the most beautiful wigs – wigs that I often see on the other more expensive websites, like My First Wig or RPG Show Wigs.

The best part was, the wigs were inexpensive, like $20 to $40. That blew my mind, especially seeing that I paid nearly $200 for my adorable bob wig several months ago.

I wondered how a company with such amazing products was able to offer them at bargain basement prices. But, I figured, maybe they were overstocked or perhaps they were the Wal-Mart of the human wig world.

The company stressed that it was offering the wigs for 24 hours only. I later came to learn that that was a lie.

As I was scrolling, I spotted several wigs that I had seen on other sites. They were all advertised as thick human hair lace front wigs with a 6″ parting. The parting is crucial if you want it to look natural.

I figured, this was my opportunity to buy them at a steep discount. So, I pulled out my credit card at about 2:00 a.m. and went shopping.

Initially, I put three wigs in my cart. The site then announced that I was eligible to get a fourth free wig because of my purchase. I thought, life couldn’t get better than this.

I made my purchase and waited patiently for my wigs to arrive.

What The Hell Are These?

The most horrendous part ever seen on a wig. This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith was a victim of an online wig scam.
The most horrendous part ever seen on a wig. This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith was a victim of an online wig scam.

Several weeks later, I opened my front door and saw a nondescript bag on the floor. The delivery guy dropped it off. I just knew these were the gorgeous wigs I had ordered.

In fact, I was so convinced that I would be in love with the units, that I waited three days to open the bag. Once I did, my mouth dropped on the floor.

The wigs came in the cheapest plastic bags you could imagine. They had paper stuffing like what you would find inside of a brand new shoe box and – this is my favourite part – they looked NOTHING like what I bought.

Firstly, they were not lace fronts. They weren’t the styles I ordered, they were incredibly ugly and tangled, and one of them had the most horrendous smell I have ever encountered.

I Demand A Refund

I immediately got on the phone and tried to reach the company. The number they gave went to voicemail. Actually, it sounded like an answering machine. I couldn’t leave a message because the mailbox was full.

I then sent several SMS texts that were never returned.

I ended up sending an email demanding a full refund. Days later, the company’s “corporate office” and I am using that term loosely, got involved. The company rep apologised and explained their side.

The correspondence from Cora Wigs/Devil Wigs, the online wig company that scammed me.
This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith was a victim of an online wig scam. Here she wears one of the wigs she was sent by Cora Wigs/Devil Wigs.

For some reason, this email made me even angrier because they said there is a “little difference” between the ads and the real product. That was an absolute lie. There was a complete difference between the products.

The fact is, they used another company’s photos to sell their crappy products. Imagine ordering a yellow button down shirt from Macy’s and getting a a tie-dye shirt instead. The only thing they have in common is that they’re shirts.

What really hurt is the day after I ordered those wigs, I went back on the site and ordered a fifth, which has still not arrived.

The company offered a partial refund, which I did not want to accept at first, but after I found out that the cost to return the products would be high, I accepted the refund.

Getting PayPal Involved

There was still the case of the fifth wig that I never received. The online wig company kept stalling and giving me bits of updates about the location of the package.

Because I paid for the wigs through PayPal, I decided to get them involved. They advised me to resolve the issue with the seller first, which I attempted to do numerous times.I eventually decided to just escalate the claim.

This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith was a victim of an online wig scam. Here she gives two thumbs down to one of the wigs she was sent by Cora Wigs/Devil Wigs.
Two thumbs down for this ghetto Rapunzel wig.

My YouTube Video To Warn Unsuspecting Buyers

I eventually decided to create a YouTube video to warn unsuspecting buyers of Cora Wigs/Devil Wigs. Nobody else should go through what I experienced. I don’t want to see anymore victims of an online wig scam.

These fraudulent companies need to be exposed for their actions.

You can watch the video down below.


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