Five YouTubers You Need To Be Watching Now

By Rogan Smith |
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I always feel like I’ve hit the lottery every time I find a new YouTuber to follow. And since I’m stuck in quarantine like millions of other people, all I’ve had is time to scroll through YouTube.

As a YouTuber myself, I get bored watching the same thing over and over. So, I constantly seek out new talent and new content. I’ve discovered five new YouTubers that I am so excited to share with the world.

I will admit that I tend to lean towards black and brown content creators, but I’ve discovered some white creatives who have absolutely blown my mind.

1. The Bliss Bean

I stumbled across The Bliss Bean purely by accident. I found myself going down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and landed on this amazing channel.

It’s run by Beatrice, a teenager, who shares incredible content that shows you how to be more productive and mindful. I am big on routines and love making lists. Maybe it’s the virgo in me, but I love for things to be in order. Perhaps this is why Beatrice’s channel appeals to me.

The Bliss Bean, which has 180,000 subscribers, shows people how to take small steps to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

If you watch Beatrice’s channel you will immediately feel more zen. The channel has a cool, calm vibe that will immediately put you at ease and get your life organised.

I have also learned a lot about being more productive.

One of my absolute favourite videos from The Bliss Bean is the “How I Edit Videos” video. I am a self-taught editor, so I am always scouring the internet for tips. I have learned quite a bit from Beatrice.

2. Brooklyn Bloom

I’m in love. I never thought I would find someone on YouTube who reminds me so much of myself, but alas, I found it in Brooklyn Bloom.

The channel is run by a woman named Brooklyn who, at the time I stumbled upon her channel, lived in – wait for it – Brooklyn.

On the surface, we couldn’t be more different. But after watching one video, I knew that this YouTuber and I had a lot in common. Brooklyn describes herself as a “creative weirdo” who loves exploring the city and doing DIY projects.

It’s that creative weirdo spirit that I’m most drawn to, and you will be, too.

Her videos don’t feel like the run-of-the-mill YouTube videos. Nope. They are creative pieces that make the viewer feel like they are watching a real TV show. She edits thoughtfully and incorporates lots of B-roll footage. If you know me, you know I just looove B-roll footage.

The funny thing is, she has nearly 10,000 subscribers and only nine videos. That’s major. At least to me.

If quirky creatives are your style, you’ll love Brooklyn.

3. Painted By Spencer

Hello. If you’re looking for a badass makeup artist who is completely different from all the other YouTube makeup artists and truly specialises in before and afters, you’ll want to check out Painted by Spencer.

Spencer is incredible with his makeup brushes and gives off such a cool, yet friendly vibe that you will find yourself binge-watching his content.

I love that he can turn a plain Jane into a total bombshell. Watch his videos. I promise, you will not regret it.

4. KingTutsPro

Believe it or not, I’m not just into beauty YouTubers. I use the platform to learn. And there is no one I have learned more editing techniques from than KingTutsPro.

The channel is run by YouTuber, Alberto Morales who gives easy-to-follow tutorials on Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop and many other editing programs.

If you’ve ever watched a music video and wondered how they created a certain special effect, KingTutsPro most likely can recreate it. he then gives a step-by-step tutorial on recreating that effect.

What I love most of all is that KingTutsPro does videos that do not require special plugins or downloaded software. That makes everything so easy.

5. I Am Necole

The final YouTuber on my list that you need to be watching is none other than Necole Kane. Yes, Necole Kane as in former celebrity gossip blogger turn XO Necole founder.

Now, here’s the thing. Necole’s channel, I Am Necole is not frequently updated. In fact, many of her videos are years old. But, the content is so authentic and relatable that I find myself continuously going back to her channel.

Necole talks about being an orphan (both of her parents died), building her blog from the ground up and having major success only to lose it when she decided to go a more positive route.

It is so rare to find people who share their lives with the public like this. I guarantee that if you visit her channel you will be able to relate. Especially if you’ve ever experienced the bottom falling out in your life.

This is good food for the soul. I assure you.

To check out my YouTube channel, This Bahamian Gyal, click here.

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