Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial For Black Skin

By Rogan Smith |
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Black women can’t wear blue eyeshadows. Say what? For the longest time, I have heard people steer black women away from this azure hue, selling them a lie that it just doesn’t suit them. It’s pure madness.

I’ll admit after hearing these comments, I was very reluctant to try blue eyeshadow, but luckily for me, things have changed.

Black women, especially those with brown eyes, look absolutely amazing with blue eyeshadow and a variety of colours suit them from sapphire blue to robin’s egg blue.

I recently did a YouTube tutorial on how women can achieve a simple blue eyeshadow look.

I used a few simple products to create the eye look

Eyelid primerColor Story Tropical Glow eyeshadow in wavemaker
MAC eyeshadow in MysteryMAC eyeshadow in ork
MAC Cork eyeshadow
MAC Mystery. I have had this colour for years. I understand it has since been discontinued.
Wavemaker from the Color Story Tropical Glow palette. It’s the deep blue in the upper right corner.

In order to make the look pop, I used a black eye liner and mascara. I didn’t use false lashes in this tutorial, because I wanted to keep this look very simple and elegant.

This is the kind of look you create when running out the door for a meeting but want a pop of colour.

The tutorial is down below. Be sure to watch, LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Enjoy!


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