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Alex And Ani jewelry boxes

I love triple A. No, not that triple A – Alex And Ani.

I was walking in downtown Nassau over the weekend and stumbled upon this wonderful standalone store. One word: wow! I loooove the interior and the salesgirls were just fantastic.

I was first exposed to Alex And Ani last Christmas while shopping at John Bull. I was so over the Pandora bracelets. Even though I own one, I was never a huge fan.

Alex And Ani jewelry.
Alex And Ani jewelry.

But last Christmas, I spotted Alex And Ani’s adjustable bracelets. It was love at first sight. I own quite a few bracelets and will continue to add to my collection until I look like a gypsy.

This time, I bought three rings. The new Wonder Woman ring caught my eye. I actually purchased the last one in the store that day. I was a semi fan of Wonder Woman when it was on the air, but of late, I’ve been taking on a lot and feeling very Wonder Woman-ish. So, I bought this ring in honor of that and have not been disappointed.

The Alex And Any Wonder Woman Ring.
The Alex And Ani Wonder Woman Ring.

The ring is adjustable, which I love. The one thing I hate is that I have to remove my ring every time I wash my hands. I am anal when it comes to my hands and wash them quite frequently, so I hate having to constantly remove my jewelry. But, hey . . . that’s what happens when you buy jewelry made of recycled material and you want to preserve it. Oh, the things we do for fashion.

My second ring was a beautiful birth month ring wrap with Swarovski Crystals. I was born in August, so my birth stone is peridot. These crystals mimic the actual stone. I can’t tell you how much I hated peridot when I was younger. I thought it was the ugliest stone ever. Now, I have come to appreciate it. The fact that these crystals are set in “gold” also makes them pop.

Alex And Ani Birth Stone Ring
The Alex And Ani Birth Stone Ring. I just love it. So cute. The pics don’t do it justice. Mostly because I am the worst picture taker in the galaxy. 

Finally, all you need is LOVE. I bought this beauty because it was rose “gold” and just made me feel so happy. There was another ring with the word, lucky on it. But, I don’t do it for me.

These three rings were relatively inexpensive. My bill came up to $105.28 with taxes. I think they look so cute and are very bohemian-ish. They’re also a good way to jazz up your hands and any outfit.

Next time, I’m going for the necklace.


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