3 Creative Ways To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan Smith poses with a Cinco de Mayo sign

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. This week, I am giving you three creative ways to celebrate this fun Mexican holiday.

The best part? They don’t require you to leave your house.

1. Plan Una Fiesta En Tu Casa

Don’t even fool yourself into thinking we’re not still in the middle of a pandemic. We are. So, it’s actually much better to plan a party in your home for close friends and family. And if you are all fully vaccinated, even better!

This party doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make some guacamole, tacos, margaritas and buy a few Coronas.

If you really want to have fun, ask your friends to make the food with you when they get to your house. It’s such a great bonding exercise. Or, if you don’t want to do a lot of work, do a potluck.

DC blogger This Bahamian Gyal wears a mustache for cinco de mayo
DC blogger This Bahamian Gyal wears a mustache for cinco de mayo

2. Have Game Night At Your House

Game nights are always a hit with friends and family. The games don’t have to be Mexican related, but just make sure it’s a game that a lot of people can join in on and play.

Here’s the best part. Tell everyone to dress up in costumes for game night. Tell them to pull out their brightest and boldest colours. Sombreros are welcome!

3. Plan A Movie Night . . . Outside

If you have a pretty great extension cord and a big screen TV, put it outside in your garden or on your deck.

String up some lights, put barrels of cervezas (beer) everywhere and watch some movies that were filmed in Mexico. Basically anything by Robert Rodriguez. There are a lot of choices.

To learn more about Cinco de Mayo, click here.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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