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By Rogan Smith |
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This Bahamian Gyal blogger, Rogan poses in front of a 1K balloon to celebrate gaining 1,000 YouTube subscribers. She says this is proof that you can achieve your goals.

I did it! I finally did it. My YouTube channel, This Bahamian Gyal, is finally monetized! On Saturday, I hit 1,000 subscribers and my public watch hours exceeded the 4,000-hour requirement.

People were actually tuned in to my channel big time. I woke up early Saturday morning and saw an email from YouTube congratulating me on my channel’s first 1,000 subscribers and letting me know the next steps.

Few people know this, but you have to be accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program before your channel can be monetized.

I know many of you are unfamiliar with the monetization process. Well, what this means is, I will now start earning money for the content I create on YouTube. It’s about time! I can’t tell you how incredible this moment feels. 

I’ve come a long way since my debut Halloween video on YouTube.

I know they say a watched pot doesn’t boil, but trust me, for more than a year, I watched closely as my subscriber count increased. I literally tracked the numbers in a little book.

In the past two months alone the numbers have been spiking and I know it’s due to one of my most popular videos, “What To Know Before Moving To The Bahamas.” To date, that video has racked up more than 14,000 views and I only released it a few months ago.

My Road To Monetisation Was Not Quick Or Easy

I wish I could tell you that my journey to monetization was quick, but it wasn’t. Far from it.

In fact, when I started my channel, I had zero intention of it being a vehicle to earn money. I did it because it was fun. I did it to help me break out of my shell, and I did it to put my talent on display for the world.

I had no formal editing training nor did I have the software to edit my videos. I downloaded trial software just to get started. I then watched hours and hours of tutorials and learned how to put my videos together. It has paid off tremendously.

There were many nights that I stayed up late thinking of video ideas. I’ve spent many months editing way into the early morning hours. I’ve dealt with computer failures, failed uploads, storage issues, bad footage, you name it. But, I never let it stop me from pressing forward. 

Even when I had 500 subscribers, I acted like I had 500,000. And I never wanted to disappoint my viewers by not uploading when I said I would.

Rogan celebrates her 1,000 subscribers!

I am beyond grateful to all 1,000+ of my subscribers for their support. I know that I will grow in the coming weeks, months and years and I’m super excited. 

I also know that I’m not about to be rolling in the dough immediately. It takes time to build up the revenue. But, I’m in it for the long haul. 

If you’re not subscribed to my channel, please subscribe today and become an official member of #RogueNation! 

I publish new videos every Wednesday at 1pm (EST) and feature content on The Bahamas, the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, comedy skits and commentary on pop culture.


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