An Unpopular Stance

Disney Ship

I don’t like noise. I don’t like reactions without proper thought. Even worse, I hate overreactions.

This entire Lighthouse Point saga has played out like a classic Disney movie with all the common tropes you’re likely to encounter. There’s the hero (One Eleuther Read More

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Who Would Have Thought

Ianthia Smith, Sasha Lightbourne, Rogan Smith

I was cleaning up my computer yesterday and stumbled across this old photo. I couldn’t help but smile.

This photo was taken on Paradise Island on the grounds of the One & Only Ocean Club back when I was working for a local radio and TV station.

The women to Read More

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An Inconvenient Truth

It's Going To Be Better In The Bahamas

Welcome to The Bahamas. Land of sun, sand, sea . . . and mediocrity. A place where heads are proverbially buried in powdery white sand, messengers are metaphorically shot daily and foreign money is welcome with open arms, but the owners of said currency are not.

Here in Read More

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Just leave

Why do we stay in relationships that don’t make us happy?

I’m not just talking about romantic relationships either because friendships count as relationships.

What is it that we’re so afraid of? Coming home to an empty house? Being the only person in the g Read More

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Whoa, Baby!

All Smiles - Baby Shower

My friend Cerys is expecting a baby.

For nearly nine months I have been subtly and not so subtly trying to convince this heifer to name her daughter after me and have been referring to this child as “Baby Ro” every chance I get.

With her due date imminent, I a Read More

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My Adventures In Abaco

Hope Town, Here I Come

Abaco, you have redeemed yourself.

If you read my previous post, you’d know that I had such a bad experience in Abaco 16 years ago, that I kept my distance. This time around, however, things were much different and I’m glad I gave the island a second chance.

[cap Read More
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