K. Michelle Loses Butt, Acts An A**

K. Michelle

I thought K. Michelle’s butt reduction would have reduced her ego. Sadly, it hasn’t.

The petty R&B diva debuted to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood audiences last night and it didn’t take long for her to start acting like a child.

Fresh off of her butt redu Read More

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Jennifer Williams Bad Breath Shamed Again

Zell Swag

Ok. This confirms it.

On Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives, we learned yet again that Jennifer Williams has bad breath.

I have been watching Basketball Wives since day one and I distinctly remember Evelyn Lozada popping off about Jen’s toxic breath. That wa Read More

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Wake Up And Smell The Marijuana


Drug dealers, listen up.

Don’t be stupid and jump on this “decriminalize marijuana” bandwagon because for a lot of you, you’re about to go out of business. (Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d tell a drug dealer).

There seems to be a lot o Read More

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Treat Marriage Like A Business


A few years ago, I was having a casual conversation with several of my media colleagues about relationships and in particular, marriage. The conversation quickly got heated when one of my male colleagues, known for his unconventional thinking, said that people should treat marr Read More

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Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Part 1

Spice - Reunion

What The Heck Was That?

I tuned in to the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special last night, but wasn’t sure if I was watching Love & Hip Hop or Rupaul’s Drag Race.

What was up with all of the female cast members? Look, these reunion specials aren’t Read More

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Happy Independence Day, Bahamas

Rogan Flag

We look damned good for 45.

The Bahamas has come a long way since our days as a British colony.

I remember listening to my grandmother years ago as she shared stories of life in The Bahamas under British rule.

She showed me an old British passport, shared o Read More

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Latasieh and Rogan

I didn’t win the Bahamian Icon Award last night.

That honour went to my friend and fellow journalist, Jerome Sawyer, who not only looked great, but gave a terrific speech.

You know what’s crazy? I don’t see it as a loss. I went into this process with the int Read More

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